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gakumon no susume.htm or gakumon no susume.pdf

                                                 市吉 修

                                                 平成18(2006) 331



For the lasting peace in Israel and Palestine.htm

Israeli-Palestine problem ; Disgrace left over from imerialism.htm  (uploaded on 24, July, 2014)

Jerusalem is Ours (2017/12/16) Jerusalem is ours.html

Learn from the Old and New Testament (2018/1/7) What to learn from the Old and New Testament.html


インターネットによる故郷振興(Home Lands Revival by Active Internet)



苦悩する人へ、 道は開ける   

    悩める人への助言 (2021/7/25) Words for the Depressed.htm

    子育て (2021/8/13) On Raising Children.htm

問題と取り組み、楽しく生きよう  (2020/11/15) Problems to be Overcome for Future Enjoyment.htm

幼児虐待に思う (2018/6/11) On problem of infants afflictin.html

地域親制度、生涯現役(2020/7/12)   Community Parents for Children Lifetime industry for Population Decrease.htm   

    日本の課題 On Olympics, Pandemic and Tasks for Japan.htm



 (2021/6/11) On Oly-Para Games.htm

(2021/7/11) On Olympics, Pandemic and Tasks for Japan.htm

(2021/7/31) On Olympics and Paralympics and Pandemic Policies.htm

      オリンピックにもの申す(2021/8/8) My Claims on Olympics.htm

   パラリンピックに見る人間性(2021/9/6) Humanity observed at Paralympics games.htm


新型コロナ対策にもの申す(2021/8/15) My criticism on New Corona Pandemic Policies.htm

                 (2021/8/21)  On Corona pandemic Policies 2.htm

   新型コロナ禍中のパラリンピック(2021/8/29) Paralympic games in the Pandemic.htm



  安保・福田理論に基づく健康法の要点 (2017/3/12) Points of Healthy Life based on Abo-Fukuda Theory V1.htm

                                  (2017/7/26) Brief Points of Healthy Life based on Abo-Fukuda Theory V1.pdf 

       健康長寿;治すより生きよ (2020/91)  Live rather than Cure for Long Healthy Life.htm

     新型コロナウィルス対策に思う (2020/4/5)  On New Corona Virus Pandemic.htm

                      (2020/4/12) On Vector Quaternion and New Corona Virus Problems.htm                     

                      (2020/4/19) On Corona Problems 4-19.htm

  感染拡散モデル解析とコロナ対策提案( 2020/4/26)  A Proposal for Corona Contermeasure based on a Pandemic Model.htm 

  コロナとの共生(2020/5/2) Co-existance with Corona Virus.htm

  九月新学期問題について(2020/5/2) On September Semester problem.htm

  心の持ち方と免疫力(2020/5/10) Heart and Immunity.htm

  コロナと共に新生活 (2020/5/17) New Normal Lifestyle with New Corona.htm

                (2020/5/24) With Corona Preventing Worsening.htm

                 (2020/5/31) Live long with New Corona Virus.htm

                (2020/6/7) No excessive fear of New Corona.htm

              (2020/6/14) On Sweden way and New Normal.htm

               (2020/7/27) Live long with health.htm

                          人の健康について (2020/10/4) On health of human beings.htm

                                  新たな健康観を活かそう(2020/10/18) New Views on Healthy Life.htm

                                   (2020/11/24) Life with New Corona Virus.htm

                             (2020/11/29) Re Life with New Corona Virus.htm

              (2020/12/6) Learn from a mathematical model.htm

              (2021/1/10) 2021Healthy Life.htm

              (2021/4/18)  新型コロナ第4波に思う On 4th wave of New Corona pandemic.htm

       心身の健康 (2021/2/28) Health of Bodies and Minds.htm

        人と世の健康の鍵 (2021/3/7) Key of Human and Social Health is in Mutual Circulation.htm

        生活習慣病の予防 (2013/4/11) Prevent unhealthy lifestyles.htm


世界平和への確かな道   Certain Paths for World Peace

     終戦記念日に思う子供の権利 (2020/8/15) Human Rights of Children pondered on Day of End of the War.htm

  火垂の墓 Fireflies over my sister’s grave (2020/8/23) Fireflies over my sister's grave.htm

    国家の性質、平和の本質 (2017/11/21) Missile Defense System, Nature of States and Peace.html 

  衆議院選挙の争点; 防衛、幼時教育2017/10/21Election on Defense, Infants Education.htm

  衆議院選挙の争点; 憲法、外交、防衛、産業(2017/10/16)

                                                 Election Points; Constitution, Defence and Diplomacy, Industry and Our Life.html

  衆議院選挙の争点; 経済と教育(2017/10/9)  Election Policies ; Economy and Education.html

  核兵器は前世紀の遺物、時代錯誤政治に惑わされるな (2017/9/27) Do not be deceived by polititical anachronism.html


核兵器を無力化する システム

¨       Nullify Nuclear Weapons System (2-17/9/7, upgraded at times) Nullify Nuclear Weapons Missile Systems.htm

                                                                                                            Nullify Nuclear Weapons Missile Systems.pdf

¨       確実に核ミサイルを迎撃して平和を守るシステム (2017/9/6、随時更新) A Nuclear Missle Destruction System.htm

                                                                   (2017/11/21)  A Space System to Nullify Nuclear Missiles Systems.pdf

¨       A space system to nullify nuclear missiles for world peace (2018/2//11) A Space System to Nullify Nuclear Missiles Systems in Enlish.pdf

¨       (2018/8/11)  A Space System to Nullify Threats of Nuclear Weapons.pdf

¨       実現を目指して(2018/8/13) To realize nuclear missiles nullification system.html

¨       防衛ミサイルの構成と軌道(2018/11/17) Defense Missile and its Orbits that Captures Nuclear warheads to Return it to the Launcher.pdf

¨       核ミサイルを捕獲して発射主に返す防衛システム(2018/11/23) A Space system to Nullify Threats of Nuclear Bombs Missiles.pdf

(2019/5/4) A Space System for Peace and Security of the World for SNESAT 2019 at Sagamihara.pdf

¨       核ミサイルを確実に宇宙空間で破壊する宇宙システム(2019/6/28) A Space System for World Peace and Safety.pdf

¨       平和と安全のための宇宙システム(2019/7/19) JCSAT F A Space System for Peace and Security.pdf

¨       弾道及び巡航ミサイルに対する防衛システムの検討(2020/2/9) A Defense System against Ballistic and Cruise Missiles.pdf

¨       平和と安全のための宇宙航空システムの提案 (2020/6/19) A Space & Air System for Pece and Safety of the World.pdf                         

¨       防衛と防災、課題山積 (2020/7/6) Defenses against man-made or natural disastes.htm 

¨       平和と安全のための宇宙航空システムの一案 (2020/11/14) A Space and Air system for Peace and Security of the World.pdf



     <> 秋の国会での立法を目指して(2017/7/29)   

         2017/8/14大会案内 Saving War Victims is the Base of World Pease.html

   <>  2017/01/14 準備会のお知らせDefense of a State must be based on Protection of the People.htm



第三の波を活用しよう(2017/4/16) The Third Wave for Peaceful Global Village.htm

         情報社会の基礎 (2020/3/19) Basis of Information Society.pdf



  オリンピックと男女平等 (2021/2/13) Olympiard and Gender Equality.htm




   Contribution of the Temporal Allowance for Scholarships.htm

大学から開学へFrom Universities to Multiversities.htm


       A New World Concept Pondered at the Japanese Diet Electin 2009.htm

                Affectional Principles of the Society.htm

                Living things do not live on only foods.htm

       A Way out of Deficit.htm

      平和な日本の道(2020/1/7) Path of Peace for Japan.htm

人間のための人間社会 Humane Society for Human Beings.htm

経済成長の社会的意義を問う() Significance of Economic Growth Quested.htm


     Questions on Tokyo court sentence for Genocidal Tokyo Air Attack and Responsibility of Japanese Government.htm

国家と人間 国際人間会議の提案 (Uploaded on 20, May,2013)  International People's Conference.htm

市民活動と日本国 ( 24, June, 2013)   Activities of the Citizens and the States.htm

自由民主党の日本国憲法改変案を問う Questions on LDP amendments of the Japanese Constitution.htm

国家と国民、人間の生き方     How to live as a nation in a state.htm

国民経済の成長; 伝達関数モデル A Transfer Function Model for Growth of Exchange Economy.htm 


                        Problems in Japanese Economy analyzed by Transfer Function Model.htm

人間の歴史と思考、偏狭な思考の害 Human Society Based On Human Thinking; Avoid Danger of Narrow Thinking.htm

2010東京オリンピックの決定に思う On2020TokyoOlympic&ParalympicGames.htm

忘れられた日本兵、日本の民主主義 Forgotten Soldiers and Japanese Democracy.htm

日本の欠陥  Defects of Japan.htm


       A lesson from PM Abe's worshipping Yasukuni Shrine; Let us promote direct inter-people exchanges.htm

社会福祉こそ経済成長の源 Social Welfare is Source of Social Growth.htm

放射線と健康、生体の自然免疫、国家と自然法 Radiation&Health, Natural Immunity and Natural Law.htm

放射線と健康、ひとまず結論 Radiation and Health a brief conclusion.htm

言語、狂気、創造、対話 アベノミクスを問う LanguageMadnessCreativityThroughDialog.htm

安倍首相の労働政策を問う Questions on Mr Abes Labor Policy.htm

日本国憲法を読もう The Constitution of Japan.htm

少子高齢化社会への備え〔続 2012-5-19〕 Prepare for Aging Society.htm

Stalker問題と国際問題 集団的自衛権を問う Stalkers and Political problems.htm


         Know the Limits of Human Intelligence to Acquire Truth and Realize Peace of the World.htm

パレスチナ問題と北方領土問題 Israeli-Palestine problem and Occupation of Japanes 4 islands by Russia problem.htm

日本には日本の道がある Japanese Way for Japan.htm

女性が輝く社会とは  Society for Shining Women Propaganda.htm

消費税を含む国民経済のモデルと成長の源 Growth of National Economy including Consumer Tax.htm



       2021(1/2) Happy New Year 2021.htm

2020 (2020/1/3) New year 2020.htm

2019(2019/1/2)  New Year2019.html

2018(2018/1/2) New Year 2018.html

2017  (2017/1/2) Happy New Year 2017.htm


通信 Letters from Osamu;

       注 ()が付いたものは書き継ぎがありますので時々ご覧下さい。

    若者への提言() Words for Young People.htm

    六十歳の提言    On my 60th birthday.htm

    日本再生私案  Japan rebirth plan, a personal view.htm    

                            A Thought on Financial Deficit and Hyper-inflation.htm

    教育再生の問題点と解決案 On Education Problems and Prososed Solutions.htm 

    和田中学校の夜スペを問う Qustions on a school education.htm

    柔剣道より職業家庭教育だ Importance of Good Vocational Education in Schools.htm

    故郷振興事業計画             Home Land Revival Project.htm

    自衛隊は国民を守らないのか The Role of Self Defense Force.htm

    テロリストは人間ではないのか Are terrorists not human beings.htm

    Are terrorists not human beings? Are Terrorists Not Human Beings (English).htm

    日本農業の問題点と解決案 Problems and Solutions of Agriculture in Japan.pdf

                                                For Sel-Sufficiency of Foods.htm

    富の源泉と二十一世紀社会 For the wealthy 21 Century.htm

    貧困の解消と日本再生 Death of Poverty and Rebirth of Japan.htm

    年金問題と日本再生  Pension Problems and Rebirth of Japan.htm

    会社と社会の発展とは Development of Company and Society.htm 

    連携で発展しよう  Let's Grow by Joint Efforts.htm

    学問を勃興させよう。     Prosperity in Learning Society.htm

                                         Let's Establish Self Study Society.htm

                                        Distance Education can be a True Education.htm

    人間社会の起源と本質      The Origin and Essense of Human Society.htm

    人間社会のあるべき姿  The Human Society that Can Be.htm

     西安旅行で思ったこと  What I thought in XiAn.htm

新たな通信  More letters.html




Self Study Society and Library       SelfStudySociety.html


C&C基礎技術講座     C&CBasicTechnology.htm


通信網設計講座  Communication Network Design Course

  > WiMAX講座                    WiMAX Technology Course.pdf

  > 次世代高速移動通信網    A Proposal for the Next Generation Mobile Communication Networks.htm  

  > TMUXの次世代高速移動通信への応用 TMUX for Next Generation Mobile Communication Network.pdf 


    > OFDMTMUX        TMUX and FDM-CDMA for 4G Mobile Communication Systems.pdf

                                        TMUX for Next Generation Mobile Communication Network.pdf

 > FFT復調における搬送波周波数誤差の影響 FFT OFDM Dem _ Effects of Carrir Frequency Errors.pdf

    >FFT OFDM復調回路のビット誤り率特性  FFT OFDM Dem _ BER performances.pdf

    >OFDM/OFDMAにおけるTiming誤差の影響Effect of Timing Errors in OFDM-OFDMA.pdf 


有用発明及び特殊技術選集 Some Useful Inventions and Khowhows.htm



Study Group for Industrial 21 Century   Industrial21C.htm



  Study Group for the 21 Century Industries 21CEnterprizes.htm

  Association of Entrepreneurs Union  AEU subgroup; Let's Enjoy Working Life.htm

  事業人連携網  Workers Joint Efforts Network.htm


新事業提案 New Business Systems Proposed

  <> 新たな地方及び衛星放送     New Broadcast System.pdf

       => 直接衛星LANBSP            BSP and ISP through DSLAN.pdf

       => 直接衛星LANと応用   Direct Satellite LAN and its Applications.pdf 

       => 直接衛星LAN事業研究会 Direct Satellite LAN Program.htm

       => 全国各地から直接放送可能なCS放送とその応用

                                                a DSB sent from Anywhere and received Everywhere.htm

                                                New Systems and Applications for DSB Networks.htm

       => 完全直接衛星放送       Perfect DSB.pdf

      => 放送LAN                       Broadcast LAN.pdf

        => 直接衛星放送LAN()       DSB Internet and its Applications.pdf

<> IPSTARを活用した新事業

       => 直接衛星LANとその応用(English) Direct Satellite LAN and its Applications.htm    

       => IPSTARによる故郷振興  IPSTAR as DSLAN for e-Japan Program.htm

<> 故郷振興                            Home Land Revival Project.htm

       => 故郷振興事業計画 Home Land Development Plan.htm   


        => 学会開催による故郷振興 Home Lands Revival through Universal Academism.htm

        => 故郷振興連絡会     Action Plan for Reactivation of Rural Areas.pdf

                                                Network for Revival of Home Lands.htm

        =>故郷振興事業研究会   Home Land Rebirth Plan.htm

        => PCとインターネットの要点 Elements of PC and the Internet.pdf


¨       インターネットを活用して故郷の山と人を守ろう(2017/7/13) Internet for Revival of Home Lands.pdf


 <> 共同研究に始まる共同事業 From Joint Study to Joint Work by Joint SOHO.htm

        => SOHO連携方式               Work by Joint SOHO.pdf





<> 二十一世紀世界、理想の探求と実現 Search of Ideal 21C World and its Realization.htm


                                    -- Fin--