Recent Meteorites and Meteoritic Fireballs in Nippon (after 1985)

Towada Meteorite
Fell at 1985 spring on Towada city, Aomori prefecture, Nippon. Recover at 1997, Judged: 2001. Ordinary chondrite(H6). Single body mass is 53.5g.
No observation of fireball.

Sayama Meteorite
Fell at Apr.29,1986 on Sayama city, Saitama prefecture, Nippon. Judged: 2000. Carbonaceous chondrite(CM2). Single body have 430g
No observation of fireball.

Kokubunji Meteorite
Fell at Jul.29,1986, after 19h(LT) on Kokubunji city and Sakaide city, Kagawa prefecture, Nippon.
Ordinary Chondrite (L6). Total mass of 13 fragments are 11,150g. Many witness of fireball and meteoritic cloud.
Fireball is flight from south east.

Yokkaichi Fireball
Fell at Mar.10, 1989,20h57m40s(LT). Flight from west of Shizuoka prefecture to Yokkaichi city Mie prefecture, Nippon.
Photographed from 2 sites and witnessed by about 10 persons. It was predicted that are small meteorite fell in Yokkaichi city or sea.

Tahara Meteorite
Fell at Mar.26, 1991 on car carrier ship which moor Tahara port, Aichi prefecture. Ordinary chondrite (H5). Most of 10kg or more mass abandoned. No fireball observed.

Mihonoseki Meteorite
Fell at Dec.10, 1992, 21h(LT), on a house in Mihonoseki town Shimane prefecture. Ordinary chondrite (L6). Single body mass is 6.38kg.
Fireball witnessed many around Hiroshima prefecture. Flight from SSW.

Neagari Meteorite
Fell at Feb.18, 1995, 24h(LT),on a car's trunk in Neagari town, Ishikawa prefecture. Ordinary chondrite (L6). Single body mass is 420g or more.
Flight from NNW was detected by six witnesses.

Tsukuba Meteorite
Fell at Jan. 7, 1996, 16h20m(LT), on Tsukuba city, Ushiku city and Tsuchiura city Ibaragi prefecture. Ordinary chondrite (H5-6). Total mass of 23 pieces are 800g or more.
Many witnesses and two photographs are reported and also meteoritic cloud was witnessed and photographed so many. Flight from SW.

Kobe Meteorite
Fell at Sep.26, 1999,20h20m(LT), on Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture. Carbonaceous chondrite(CK4). Single body have 135g or more.
Many witnesses, one photograph and 7 sites of seismograph's record reported. Flight from WNW.

Tadami Fireball
Fireball observed at Dec.27, 2000, 18h41m(LT), and meteorite fell predicted on Kaneyama town, Fukushima prefecture.
Photographed from 3 sites and about 10 witnesses reported.

Hiroshima Meteorite
Fell at Feb.1-3, 2003, on Hiroshima city. Ordinary chondrite(H5). Single body have 414g.
Fireball witnessed at Feb.1, 22h(LT) from three sites may be this meteorite fell.

Ishizuchi Fireball
Bright fireball with sonicboom appeared at Jul.22, 2004, 01h06m05s(LT) over Kochi prefecture.
From two TV observations and seismographs data, meteorite predicted fell around Ishizuchi mountain.

Higashimatsuyama Fireball
Bright fireball like as full moon appeared at Mar. 20, 2005, 01h27m50s(LT) from Tochigi prefecture to Saitama prefecture.
Fragmentation feature observed by some TV cameras and small meteorite fell on Higashimatsuyama city, Saitama prefecture.

Yamatsuri Fireball
A fireball observed at north Kanto district at Oct.28, 2005, 02h05m(LT).
From two TV cameras observation, small meteorite must fall Yamatsuri town, Fukushima prefecture.

Makioka Fireball
A fireball flight from Nagano prefecture to Yamanashi prefecture at Mar.2, 2008, 04h05m(LT).
From four TV cameras observation, small meteorite must fall Makioka town, Yamanashi prefecture.

Suzuka Fireball
A fireball flight from Nara prefecture to east Shiga prefecture at Mar.30, 2010, 23h41m(LT).
From five TV cameras observation, small meteorite must fall Suzuka-touge pass, Shiga prefecture.

Lake Biwa Fireball
Ise bay direction peaple surprised big shock wave sound at 7,Aug. 2010, 08h(UT)
A fireball path through 30 km hight over Ohmi-hachimann city, Shiga pref. from three meteoritic cloud photographs analyse.

Fussa Fireball
At 25, Feb.2011,15h20m(UT),Slow moving fireball appeared west of Kanagawa pref.
It is predicted that a small meteorite fell on Fussa city from four TV images.

Tosa-Yamada Fireball
Slow moving fireball flight over center of Shikoku.
Small meteorite might fall on Tosa-Yamada town, Kami city Kochi pref. from two TV images.

Mt Haruna Fireball
A fireball flight from Niigata pref. to Gumma pref. at 1,Aug. 2012, 18h51m56s(UT).
Some ten grams meteorite might fall on Ikaho town, Shibukawa city Gummma pref.

Ichikai Fireball
Explosion fireball flight over Tochigi pref. at 13, Feb. 2013,16h04m35s(UT). 30 gram or less meteorite fell on Ichikai town, Tochigi pref.

Tenryu Fireball
30 gram or less meteorite fell on Tenryu Village, Nagano pref. from TV observation analysis at 11, Oct. 2013, 12h47m39s(UT).

Aizu-Misato Fireball
20 gram or less meteorite fell on Aizu-Misato town, Fukushima pref. from TV observation analysis at 30,Oct.2013,11h22m38s(UT).

South-Kai Fireball
About 200 gram single meteorite fell on Nambu town,Yamanashi pref. or Fujinomiya city Nagano pref. from TV observation analysis at 13,Dec.2013,9h36m47s(UT).


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