Towada Meteorite

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At spring(Apr.?), 1997(?) a manager of "tatami" mat shop found a hole of eaves in warehouse.
A stone was found under the hole and after kept.
S.Yoneda(National Science Museum, Tokyo) researched the stone as meteorite at 2001.
The meteorite fell time estimated at about 1985 from results of meteorite research and warehouse history.
4 cm length ordinary chondrite surface suggest fragmentation in atmosphere.
Other fragments would fall around some km area.

Photographed at Towada civic culture center at Aug.2002

Flat surface side. Left upside thought
broken at impact.
This side thought
broken high altitude.
Right side thought
broken low altitude.
Out focus.

Meteorite surface rusted red-brown color therefore long time after fell
but it had typical meteorite surface characteristics.

Tetrahedron shape meteorite upper three side have difference characteristics.
This suggest that intermittent fragmentation history at ablation through atmosphere.
Meteorite bottom side could not see.

Warehouse's hole path through the meteorite

Photographed at Aug.,2002.

Eaves height was about 3-4 m. Eaves upside made of steel and downside tatami's material.
Hole shape was just same as meteorite shape.


Towada civic culture center : Meteorite exhibited hire.

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