Tnryu Fireball

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At 11, Oct. 2013, 12h47m39s(UT),high elevation angle fireball fell over south of Nagano pref.
Sanbonmatsu highschool(Kagawa pref.), Mr. H.Inoue(Kanagawa pref.) and Mr.SonotaCo(Tokyo) observed automatic TV camera.
Mr.M. Ueda calculated its orbit.

Maximum magnitude is -3 mag. with smooth light curve.
Observing error is rather big but end hight is 33.4 km.
Initial velocity is 14.1 km/s. Initial mass must small but quiet ablation related small mass loss.
30g or less small meteorite fell on Tenryu village Nagano pref.

Predicted area
Around Tenryu Village, Nagano pref.
Red ellipse is predicted area

Retouched mapion's map


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