Kokubunji Meteorite

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A fireball flight with fragmentation witnessed from south-east to being many pieces at twilight sky.
It impacted at Kokubunji city, Kagawa prefecture, so it was called Kokubunji meteorite.
Maximum fragment recovered at Sakaide city when it named after.

Fresh broken inside is few blueish gray as general ordinary chondrite.
This color like with fresh concrete.
Most fragments keep fresh condition however photographed after years from fell.
Generally, brown rust appear on ordinary chondrite surface by inside ferrite.

Fusion crust is remnant of melted material interacted with atmosphere at high altitude.
A lot of ruggedness of the surface suggest fragmentation occured at low altitude.
This feature is not same as regmagripts.

Kokubu No.1_A Kokubu No.1_B Kokubu No.1_C Kokubu No.1_D Nii No.5_A
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