Higashimatsuyama Fireball

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At Mar.19, 2005, 16h27m50s UT (=Mar.20, 01h27m50s LT) a fireball flight from Utsunomiya, Tochigi prefecture to Saitama prefecture.
Automatic TV cameras set in Kanto region by Mr.SonotaCo, Mr.Sekiguchi, Mr.Ito and Ms.Nomoto captured this fireball.
And also automatic still camera photographed by Mr.Muroishi in Yanagita village. Witnesses reported from many.
Fragmentation detected by TV images. Maximum magnitude was measured -10 mag. by M.Ueda.
Orbit's aphelion was asteroids main belt but inclination was larger by M.Ueda.
Luminous end height was 22.5km by TV image.
Small meteorite, must some tens - some hundreds grams, fell on Higashimatsuyama city, Saitama prefecture.

Predicted Impact Area

Red ellipse is predicted impact area.
Fragments may impact orange ellipse.
Adding on Geographical Survey Institute's map.


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