Makioka Fireball

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At Mar. 1, 2008, 19h05m UT (02d04h05m LT), a fireball with -8 luminous magnitude flight from southern Nagano prefecture to Yamanashi prefecture.
Four sites of SonotaCo Network TV observation stations(Mr.SonotaCo, Mr.N.Saito, Mr.Masuzawa, Mr.ts007)
took fireball images automatically. Trajectory and orbit were calculated by M.Ueda.
As results, the fireball orbit belong ordinary near Earth asteroids.
Fireball luminous feature suggests fragmentation in Earth's atmosphere.
Though, fireball end height was 25.8km that can be predicted small meteorite fell on Earth's surface.
Impact prediction carried out by Y.Shiba and Mr.SonotaCo which results was 10g+-1order meteorite fell in Makioka town.
Predicted so small meteorite mass with fragmentation effect will make difficulty for meteorite recover.
Now, impact area direction name changed to "Koshu city" from "Makioka town".

Predicted impact area

Red ellipse is predicted impact area.

Reference SonotaCo Network
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