Lake Biwa Fireball

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At 7th Aug.2010 08h(UT) or after, big sonicboom reached on around Ise bay and "Tokai" area.
On the other hand, some tens persons on more wide area witnessed fireball at 08h 01m(UT).
Fireball over blue sky persisted meteorite cloud about two minute duration.
Many seismographs recorded sonicboom's wave and calculated trajectory by Dr.Yamada.
Therefore no photographs recorded why day time phenomenon.
We calculated trajectory used by three meteorite cloud photographs.
Large reduction error and meteoritic cloud drift by stratosphere wind with convection climb motion resulted large position error.
Trajectory decided with some km error which calculated time shift three meteoritic cloud photographs.
Meteorite may fell in west of lake Biwa or peak Tochu region.

Trajectory of lake Biwa fireball.

1,2,3: Meteoritic cloud photographed site(Fushimi, Kyoto city, Higashi-Osaka city, Shima city, Mie prefecture)
A: Most thick part of meteoritic cloud: Omihachimann city, Shiga prefecture 30km altitude.
Trajectory elevation angle is about 55 degree.


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