Suzuka Fireball

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At Mar. 30, 2010, 14h41m17s UT (23h41m17s LT), -6 luminous magnitude fireball flight from Nara prefecture to Suzuka pass, east of Shiga prefecture.
Five sites of SonotaCo Network TV observation stations(Shiba, Mr.Ueda, Sanbonmatsu Highschool, Mr.SonotaCo, Mr.ada)
took fireball images automatically. Trajectory and orbit were calculated by M.Ueda.
As results, the fireball orbit belong ordinary near Earth asteroids by Mr. Ueda.
Fragmentation exists at end of fireball make 5-6 fragments. Comparison of observation and calculated deceleration suggest low mass loss at through atmosphere.
I predicted meteorite impact that mass is 50g(+- 10 times) at Suzuka-touge pass as ordinary chondrite.
Predicted area include golf course, therefore it will recover.

Predicted impact area

Red ellipse is predicted impact area.


Reference SonotaCo Network
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