Neagari Meteorite

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A fireball come from north-north-west to private house parking lot where is 1 km east from coast.
Broken car's trunk and crushed meteorite in the trunk found at next morning.
Fireball framentation was witnessed by some persons to two pieces.
But recovered meteorite surface suggest no fragmentation at low altitude.
Another one piece had same as recovered mass would fall near area.

Photographed old Neagari town

Section seems
to be fragile.
Fusion crust thickness
is 1mm or more.
Shape is round
that fine ablated.
White dirt is
car's paints.

Impact originates small fragments

Photographed at fell house some days after impact.

A rusted fragment found
in the trunk
some days after.
Smaller fragments
also recovered.
All fragments
has rusted.

Car trunk's hole

Photographed at fell house some days after impact.
The car's maker is "Subaru" that famous for the mark of the star.

From trunk's outside.
There is a wound made
because meteorite rotated.
From inside


Neagari study center, Nomi city "children's space science room" : You can see meteorite replica and crushed car.(Japanese)

Akira Ishiwatari(Kanazawa University) : Detail informations.

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