Hiroshima Meteorite

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At Feb.,3, 2003, Monday, A employee noticed a hole on ceiling
at his works drug company's warehouse. At next day, a stone was found on the floor.
This news reported to Hiroshima children's museum.
Dr.S.Yoneda judged this stone as meteorite after received request from museum.
No abnormality recognized on ceiling till Feb.,1 Saturday evening.
So the meteorite fell in period from Feb.,1 to Feb.,3.
Meteorite was path through the steel board roof and plasterboard ceiling.
And after meteorite hit and destroyed steel pipe of the drug shelf.

Photographed at Hiroshima City Office at Fab,19,2003

Not smooth surface
This side
hit roof.
Small crack.
1cm from this side
Few brownish color

This meteorite have 0.5 mm constant thickness fusion crust
covered surface that of small apart is brownish color.
Strike shock to the roof broke the meteorite three small part.
Small crack can be recognized near the sharpened part.
Surface's rubbed wound was made at through the steel roof.
White particles adhered through plasterboard.
At strike to the roof, meteorite posture was thought sharpened part pointed upside.
Two edge part of maximum cross section area at through the steel roof are broken.
The reason of other edge broken was not understand.

fusion crust.
with crack and
small holes
Broken inside
in chondrule
on surface

Impact holes meteorite path through.

In the warehouse of drug company.

Upside is roof's hole.
Downside is ceiling's hole.
Dent on steel pipe.
Pipe diameter is about 3cm.

The distance between steel roof and plasterboard ceiling is about 1.5m.
Each hole was not vertical position but about 15cm to south east on plasterboard ceiling's hole.
Dented pipe is about 1.5m under and about 5cm south east from ceiling's hole.
Floor level is about 2 m under of dented pipe.


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