Tadami Fireball

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At Dec. 27, 2000, 09h41m UT (18h41m LT), a fireball flight from east of Niigata prefecture to Tadami town Fkushima prefecture.
Two sites of Japan fireball network station, C.Shimoda(from Asahi village, Nagano) and K.Sato(from Sendai city),
photographed and S.Yamanoi(from Nikkou city, Tochigi), photographed by chance.
Trajectory and orbit calculated by K.Ohtsuka. This data suggest that meteorite fell on skiing slopes, Kaneyama town.
Predicted mass will 1 kg or more.
Smooth light curve and reddish fireball color is not contradiction as ordinary chondrite.

Predicted impact area

Red ellipse is predicted impact area.
Fragments may impact yellow ellipse area.

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