Fussa Fireball

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At 25, Feb. 2011,15h20m31s(UT), a fireball flight flight over west Kanagawa prefecture with high elevation angle to north west north.
This fireball taken by Sambonmatsu highschool(Kagawa prefecture), Mr.T.Sekiguchi(Saitama Pref.) and Mr. SonotaCo(Tokyo) automatic TV camera.
Mr.O.Takahashi(Kanagawa Pref.) also taken automatic fisheye camera.
Automatic TV camera images analysed each observer by UFOAnalyser and after Mr. M. Ueda calculated orbit with physical feature.
Y. Shiba(auther) analysed Mr.Takahashi's image.
It is sirange small meteorite orbit that have inner aphelion of the Mars orbit.

Fireball's deceleration was not recognaised till 40 km altitude but after trajectory rapid decelerated.
All images are not good resolution althou no fragmentation was find all of luminous path.
Maximum luminous magnitude is -4. End hight is 24 km altitude low. These sujest meteorite fell.
However small about 50g meteorite predicted falling why rapidry mass loss was neer end of trajectory.

Retouched on Geographical Survey Institute

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