Yokkaichi Fireball

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At Mar.10,1989,11h57m40s UT(20h57m40s LT) a fireball flight from west of Shizuoka prefecture to Yokkaichi city, Mie prefecture.
Y.Shiba from Okazaki city and Tokyo university Kiso observatory all sky camera photographed respectively.
Photograph from Okazaki caught only before halfway, while photograph from Kiso lack of rotation shutter break.
About 10 witnesses contributed which of two indicated fragmentation at end to four pieces.
Photographic absolute magnitude was -10mag.
Trajectory and orbit were calculated by K.Ohtsuka.
Photographic end height was 25.7km, but visual luminous end was 20km or less from near witnesses.
Small meteorite, probably some 10 - some 100 grams, fell on Yokkaichi city or east sea.

Predicted Impact Area

Ellipse was calculated impact area.
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