Kobe Meteorite

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A meteorite was path through of a private house's slate roof and ceiling.
About 20 pieces fragmented meteorite fell on the bed.

Each fragments fusion crust have not sharp edge.
Fragmentation was not occur in low altitude probably under of 30km.
Many persons witnessed three pieces fragments flight.
Some seismographs observed fireball's shock wave that indicate two fragments in the atmosphere.
Another fragment must fall somewhere.
Mass ratio as recovered meteorite is about 2:3.
Impact point will be 2 km west-north-west or east-south-east from recovered position.

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Photographed at Kobe Science Museum.

Fragment D
Black fusion crust and black inside.
Inside color is like asphalt.
Fragment D
Small holes on fusion crust.
Volatile matter vaporised?
Fragment D
White dirt was thought
signs of plasterboard of ceiling.
Maximum Fragment A Fusion crust is
frosting black
Many small cluck
on fusion crust
Fragment A Fusion crust thickness
is 1mm or more thin.
Black color
Out of focus


Nippon Meteor Society : Kobe meteorite fireball photograph and other(in Japanese).

Shigekazu Yoneda(National Science Museum) : (in Japanese)

Nishiharima Astronomical Observatory : Fireball sketch and meteorite search action.

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