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Theme, Board Members and PolicyTheme, Board Members and PolicyRevised on July 20, 2016
newsMonthly NewsRevised on April 27, 2017

greetingSeason's Greeting, Dec. 2014Revised on July 20, 2016

Past newsPast News, first half of '16-'17Revised on April 27, 2017
newsPast News, second half of '15-'16Revised on April 27, 2017
Charity RunCharity RunRevised on July 20, 2016

Map, JapanWhere is Utsunomiya in Japan ?Uploaded on Aug. 04, 1999

Map, DistrictMap of NORTH EAST DISTRICTUploaded on Aug. 04, 1999

Map, IBCIBC MAPRevised on Jul. 22, 2006

Map, UtsunomiyaMap of UtsunimiyaRevised on Apr. 04, 2000

HistoryHISTORY of the ClubRevised on Dec. 18, 2009

Establishment, Youth ClubEstablishment, Youth ClubRevised on Mar. 1st, 2004

Activities, Youth ClubActivities, Youth ClubRevised on Mar. 1st, 2004
Special Events and News
news19th North-East Dist. Conv.Revised on Oct. 11, 2014

news70th International Conv.Revised on Sep. 4, 2012

STEPReport by Photographs, STEP acceptance in Utsunomiya Y's Men's ClubRevised finally on Jan. 13, 2003

International ConventionReport of the International Convention, Aug. 2003, in SydneyUploaded on Aug. 18, 2002

IBC Triangle MeetingReport of the IBC Triangle Meeting, Aug. 7th, 2003, in WangarattaUploaded on Aug. 18, 2002

Service ProgramA sevice program for the YMCA Nursing HomeUploaded on Apr. 23, 2001

Convention5th convention, north-east DistrictRevised on Oct. 4, 2001

Secret ChristianSecret Christian in the Old Tochigi PrefectureUploaded on Aug. 8, 2000

TaiwanSpot News of the Taiwan EarthquakeUploaded on Oct 29, 1999

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U Y'sTo an Announcement of the 6th Japan East Convention, in Utsunomiya, June 2003Uploaded on Jly. 01, 2000