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  Aug. 14, 2015 (Fri)  About LTE of 'au By KDDI' 

 It passed 5 months that part-time job is gone. I seem I was officially dismissed. It is about time I should think about my next job. So I looked into HelloWork (HP) , but when I narrowed down by area, occupation etc., there is nothing. Although it is necessary to widen the scope of the area just a little, even so it is probably difficult to find job. I am too aging. Recently, age isn't as an employment condition in officially, so it haven't written in HP, but it must be a condition clearly. I remember some four characters phrases; 右往左往 as go astray left and right, 前途多難 as many difficulties in future, 暗中模索 as groping in the dark, 五里霧中 as in a fog five miles round,七転八倒 as writhing in agony, 絶体絶命 as desperate situation, etc..

 It's Moe. She also recovered her freedom by taking Elizabeth color off. And carelessly forgetting to leave her tongue, and sleeping...

 So I can not support the family budget until I find the next job, and I tried to find waste of household. Clearly there are too many food, fuel and light costs for three people. To practice economy, it is necessary to reform consciousness of all families. Especially it is almost impossible for Mrs. S (wife)!(- -;) Besides, she should be angry because the husband is unemployed, it is not possible for her to consciousness reform.
 The choice fell on iPhone. Two iPhones for us are really luxury when it comes to annuity life now(Miss T. (my sister) has the flip phone only with C Mail, so it's no problem). 2 iPhones cost about ¥16,000 with every month, I decided to do something about this!
 There were many opinions that auKDDI's mobile fee is costly when I search variously by google. Web service of au KDDI will be able to use the internet and e-mail by entering the internet connection service "LTE NET" (¥300+tax per month) first. If I leave as it is, it will be charged according to traffic volume, so if I saw a video site on the outside, the billing of a high charge comes (but there seems to be an upper limit). Therefore, I must subscribe to the packet communication fee flat rate service "LTE flat" (about 5 to 6 thousand yen a month) to use the net. However, this LTE flat is high price. Many proposals to stop this service was found on the net. To be exact, instead of quitting, let's change from flat rate system to pay-as-you-go system. There was also an opinion that it should stop LTE NET so as not to make a high claim by some mistake. In other words, this is that, while I are out I use iPhone only as a mobile phone, or I contract another cheaper mobile router.
 Now that I am unemployed, internet outside is not so necessary especially for me, but I think I want to use a LINE and Google Map (Navi) at least. It is regrettable that I can not fully enjoy progress(?) of IT. Therefore I maintain a contract of LTE NET. And paying attention to the pay-as-you-go system, I think about using a public wireless LAN net while i am out. IPhone can be turned on / off for "Wi-Fi" and "Mobile data communication" with "Settings", and since I can turn ON / OFF use of mobile data communication for each application, first I stop my LTE flat on my iPhone only, and I find out how it works. If it seems to be going well, I will also stop my wife's iPhone, too.
 I proposed this to my wife, and she agreed, too. It looks she also have thought that it was quite wasteful.

  Aug. 6, 2015 (Thu)  The dream of my father 

 We were unable to sleep well last night. So Tomoko(my sister) that gets up on time every morning also overslept uncommonly. I was worried about whether she broke in physical condition. I could not sleep for a long time. So I had been listening to the "RADIO-SHINYABIN" of NHK-FM(Late-Night Radio Program) after a long time. Ichiro Fujiyama(long-ago Japanese singer) was singing in the program.
 This dawn, I had a dream of my father. What I am! I and my father were riding double on the moped bike and running on the street. When approaching to a overpass, we got off the bike in a hurry because I saw a policeman. We went into the coffee shop as if we knew nothing about him. I went to look because my bike worried me, but it was already no there.——The dream this is! If a usual dream on early morning, I'm looking for a toilet in my dream, but I only went up and down the mysterious stairs of the cafe in this dream. We did not talking each other in a dream especially, There a person I know was only father. What is this dream's meaning?
 When I was born, my father was 57 years old. The figure of the father I remember is the same of me just now, so now I and my father are overlap each other(well, recently it is not same this because the image has become younger than olden days). So it is the dream that old men as the brothers had been two-seater to a moped bike. It's a story that must not laugh(ーー;). In the dream, I wonder how old I was exactly.

 Even though we moved 10 years ago to the current address, I watch just a dream of the land that I born and grew up. This is that I already wrote before(Reference March 22, 2007 in Japanese only).The situation is not changed even after eight years then. I don't want to see my father and I don't have the feeling to respect my father(but I want to meet to the mother in a dream). So even more I do not know that why he comes in a dream. It might be a sense of my mental illness?
 In the Japanese movie "Railway man (Poppo-ya)", a ghost of a young daughter comes up. And, in the movie "If I live with Father", even the father and his daughter are talking usually even though her father is dead. They say that ghosts in their family are not afraid, and I think so, too. And I even think that the family ghost exists really. They don't come out to surprise us, and it is natural because I wanted to meet them. When I was in a dangerous several times since I was young, I felt like my mother guarded me. Supernatural things of a blood relative are seem natural. My mother don't come out in my dream, but Father came out. It maybe he wanted to come out. I may have something misunderstood about my father. I wonder if I have to reconsider my father again.

  Aug. 5, 2015 (Wed)  The month of 70th anniversary of the end of World War II 

 This year is the 70th anniversary of the end of the war. Having been bombed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bomb is also the 70th anniversary. This year should be memorial specially , but I don't go to Hiroshima this year, too. Is this right? In this way, I might not be able to go there every time I put off a year. Now I still have time, and my health has no problems. After, only that I run.

  July 28, 2015 (Tue)  Brave Figure of MOE 

 Moe (tortoiseshell cat, ♀) which came to my house on December 15 last year began to cry in a strange voice as early as. Even Atene (black cat, ♀) was the case, too. They are possible to a pregnancy only in a half year after birth. Veranda's door was changed by a screen door because it became hot. Moe shrieked agonized towards the outside from the door in a loud voice like "Ao〜 , ao〜". I was surprised because she cries in a small voice usually only. It is noisy and also a nuisance in the neighborhood. I have decided to surgery immediately. And consulted a regular doctor, reservated, and executed it. Today, usually, it takes only one day for contraceptive surgery.

Moe who came back from surgery and became calm a little Moe who came back from surgery and became calm a little…

 This is the brave figure of Moe who put on Elizabeth collar. She had surgery on the 23rd of this month, and will take out stitches on August 2. So the collar can not be removed until then. Atene should had been also wearing it, but I wonder I don't remember it.

 Although I have been practicing the "Alhambra" by the guitar as usual, I just mastered the fingering but do not advance at all. My tremolo is slow and dirty, in addition strings cry,...(ー ー;)
 I heard various music of Paku Kyuhi (famous gutarist) in LINE MUSIC that just began ( It is currently in free trial campaign).Her "Sueño en la Floresta"(Dreaming in Forest) has very beautiful tremolo as usual. I had never been heard this music, but was fascinated completely. It's hardly impossible to play. so I tried to transcribe melody.

A transcription from  This may become the ethereal sound when you play in the tremolo…?(Click to display larger.)

 I heard the same song performance of others, but whether I think the so-called "imprint", Park Kyuhee was the best by far! "The last tremolo" also was a good song. Later I noticed, but this song and "Dreaming in the forest" were by the same composer (Agustin Barrios). I was thinking (secretly) that I am an authority of music for 50 years. Barrios was the name that I knew the first time. I reflect on myself what I heard ever. ....

 I take a walk in this hot as ever. It takes about 2 hours (around 4〜5 km). I watch out for rest and hydration because heat stroke information of every day announces a "danger". I am walking cheerfully for now. I choose the shade and walk as much as possible, and I put up my umbrella (instead of the parasol) . It looks not good, but is exceptionally effective. It's different feeling of fatigue at all. I think that I want you to sell a parasol for the man.→It had already been sold〜!

 Once I finished "The Best Classes in the world for iPhone app development" published by Gihyo. I have typed all of the sample list placed in the book. Sometimes programs do not run by the error of the unknown cause, but they moved properly if I tried to input again from the beginning. So it's for my some mistakes. But I feel bad because the unknown cause remains. Swift language also seems more difficult than such as VBA. I should have learned many things. So I had intended to make the app myself, but I am reluctant now. I think it is better to take advantage of a variety of apps. In reality, I use now the app like household household account book and the receipt reader. So I can not think of such a thing. I still haven't decided what to make first. I am going to looking for my own ways for a while.

  June 20, 2015 (Sat)  《Recuerdos de la Alhambra》 

 I did not update my HP more than one month.
 Before, I wrote "my memory of the music". Then I took out a very old composition notebook (about 50 years ago!) and made some works PDF and uploaded to my HP(Special Thanks:dear MuseScore). Moreover not only to write but also I want to play a melody on the guitar.
 I started playing the guitar since I was a teenager. And somehow or other I progressed to the point play the famous "Romance de Amor" (from movie: 'Forbidden Games'). Then sometimes I strum it but I had stopped practicing hard. Though I bought famous "Carcassi guitar instruction book" (Zen-On Music Company Limited) , almost didn't leverage it.
 However, of course to to play the songs of own in the guitar requires a certain technique. So, I take out an old guitar soiled by my hands, and cleaned it well. when I trying to play, It was still pure tone. That I tried for the first time in decades was to play the famous "Memories of Alhambra" composed by Tarrega!

 This is a masterpiece that everyone have ever heard!(from Carcassi's instruction book)

 The old days it couldn't listen at any time without CD or record . However, because there is a internet now, we can listen to immediately various people playing at any time(Is this all right in the copyright?). Among them, tremolo of Park Kyuhee was great. Her appearance and stroke of fingers are very beautiful! Lovely such as she were integrated with her instruments, forms a contrast to the performance of MURAJI Kaori who controlled the her guitar. SHOMURA Kiyoshi is a superhuman! I think I wonder Narciso Yepes is already area of God.
 One month has passed from my determination. I mastered fingering of left hand after a fashion because I'm good at reading the sheet music. I can now play tremolo rendition a little. From now on I must repeated practice earnestly. Everyday I am withstanding the pain of the left hand of a fingertip.
 And recklessly I bought Toru Takemitsu "12 songs for guitar" (published by Schott Music Co. Ltd. ¥2,100) this time. Quite some time ago, when I listened some of them Daisuke Suzuki played on NHK-FM "Willful Classic", it was left to my mind strongly. Although it was the famous songs 'Over the Rainbow' or 'Londonderry Air' and so on arranged by Takemitsu, I was amazed to see music score truly. Strange word like "Oni-muzui"(very difficult) or "Maji-kanben"(please permit.) seriously leaves my mouth. I would do something about one somehow because it has a 12 pieces….

  May 12, 2015 (Tue)  Memories of music (2) 

 On 1960, when I was the first grade at junior high school, we was made to buy the instrument called Saka-horn for music education. The man who came to teach played the "the march of a warship" (of former Japanese forces) very well (it's natural!), so I was completely fascinated. I was absorbed in it from that day and had been playing hard every day.
 This instrument is just like a harmonica. It has two mouthpieces of top and bottom, and the bottom is usual sound (white keys of piano), and the top is sound on the semitone of bottom. It could be mastered immediately, because the sound on line of the staff notation is played by breathing and it of the line-to-line is played by sucking, and the sound of ♯ and ♭ of staff notation is of the upper stage. They are very congenial. I think I became able to read music thanks to this instrument.
 I earnestly played nursery rhyme song, pop songs, the classic favorites melody, and TV drama songs by Sakahorn. I think that it was very annoying around. I had it so lovingly a long time but had discarded finally last year. Well, since I woke up to music, I joined the brass band club and began to practice a clarinet.
 Eventually my favorite genre stayed in classic. As usual, I began with Beethoven, and I got engrossed in the fifth and seventh symphony. On the the second movement of No.7, I received a strong impression such as unspeakable. My concern had spread to the composers around his era soon.
 I had also tried to composer from an early age. A big opportunity was its reason. Sister of 'O' of my classmates has a lot of classic music, so that I asked him to lend several books forcibly. They are Mozart's String Serenade (Eine kleine Nachtmusik) , The Unfinished Symphony of Schubert, Beethoven's Piano Concerto (the Emperor), etc. . Also I borrowed piano pieces, sonata albums, and so on. Wow, I don't still return, and I have them even now! <(~ ~;) Oh, my God, what my morality of the time is! It may be that something like the "badly‐brought‐up" appear in such a case.

Sonata Album published in 1948. Music of the right page is the K.310 of Mozart.     Piano Concerto "Emperor" (Beethoven) published in 1950.
(Zen-On Music Company Limited)                           (NIPPON GAKUFU SHUPPANNSHA,Tokyo, Japan.) 

 Anyway, my composer's knowledge(?) grew dramatically thanks to these musical score. Finally I had composed the symphony. However, it was only copied of "unfinished symphony". I have brought to show the piano sonata(I cannot play) that I composed for both hands to music teacher for I want to be praised. Teacher said ,"try to continue" after see my score. Now I feel as if my face was burning with shame, but at that time I must have been full of confidence. He was a good teacher.
 After I graduated from junior high school, I was made a job in nepotism in Gifu. I couldn't enter a high school let alone study music. But I enjoyed in its own way the dormitory life of the company. As usual, I had audacity to listen to popular songs by record player a man had in the same room with me. Big hits at the time were Funaki Kazuo and Hashi Yukio and etc. I was shameless, but only the "a third-year high school student" of Kazuo Funaki was bought by my money, ...maybe.(^ ^;
 I came back to Nagoya because my father get sick after one and a half years. And I decided become a composer in earnest. (To be continued)

  Apr. 20, 2015 (Mon)  Memories of music (1) 

 This original Japanese blog has been somewhat neglected because I began a reckless attempt to start English blog from this year. It is still impossible to translate Japanese blog into English composition by English ability of junior high school students degree. So, I translated most of these by the 'Google Translator' and 'Weblio Translation'(I thanks them very much. m(_ _)m). I do not verify at all if it can be used as English text. After I translated into English, I don't reconsider it, and I don't ask anyone to check it, too. Well, I think that there is the way of this kind of study English, but I have also almost no awareness that "English ability has been progress".(^ ^;

 A parting cherry tree(4/7 in Kasugai City)…

 Now I wrote in Japanese blog for the first time in a month, Cherry Blossom also had completely scattered during this period. I've also seen a lot of it this year, and there is deep emotion accordingly but I do not even to write again because I think the same thing every year.
 It's abrupt, but I think I'll try to write memories about music from me of young days. This is the thing I was thinking for a long time.
 Memory of 'first encounter' with the music in my life is a music box. I was 2nd or 3rd year elementary school student. It was a music box clock. In my childhood, there were several pretty rare things for a child in my house. I think it is my father's the collector hobby. It is a telescope (of for surveying?), or an airplane propeller, etc. There was a really old type of music box watch in them. Seemingly the body was elongated rectangular solid such as brass, and it comes with a slightly larger top plate and the foundation than the body. It had a carrying handle on the top plate. Roman numerals were written on top of the round dial on the front. On its back side there is a lid, and when it opened, the big and small gears had been packed into it. It works by winding the mainspring in the same way as the old spiral spring wall clock, and the music box is heard when it comes to a certain time. And now I think the song was a 'Humoresque' by Dvorak. The music box had been attached to the back side of the foundation. I tried to know its mechanism as usual boys, but I ruined it. And the music box did not sing anymore. Somehow I felt that I found gimmick for the sound. When I heard "Humoresque" next, I was a junior high school student. So till then I couldn't know the title of this melody.
 My next memories is a lot of song that I learned in elementary school. I still like such as "KOGITSUNE"(a little fox), "MOMIJI"(autumnal tints), and "TODAI-MORI"(a lighthouse keeper). I supposed I learned there was a song called "flower selling" of Beethoven at the time of the 5th or 6th grade , but have not heard for 50 years after then. In today it is possible to listen by the internet or YouTube , but there is no memory that I heard even once on television and radio by sixty years old from the elementary school student. Maybe the broadcast has been done probably, I did not have the opportunity to hear it. It had a slightly difficult lyrics for children in plaintive melody. According to the knowledge (http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kenkou27/e/135e274d1293959c0e9c87b97f1fb27f)that I purchase from the net, this is the case's what Beethoven set Goethe's poetry to music when he was young. As it was somehow a plaintive melody as far as I saw the image of foreign barnstormer is singing on YouTube.

 She sits and stands a peony ...

 A lot of so-called popular song was remembered by me as same with other people imperceptibly. Those are attached to my body at teenage. There are that I can sing full chorus even now. Compared to it, to learn after becoming an adult is very few.(To be continued

  Mar. 19, 2015 (Thu) Odaka-Castle ruin and 'Meguro' (old motorcycle maker)... 

file:///Users/fkzwmso/Documents/tennin/gazou/1381.jpg  February 28, I went to see the Washizu and Marune Forts where it is my desire in Midori Ward alone.
 In "Shinchō kōki" (Kadokawa Bunko Sofia/Corrected by Takahiro Okuno,Yoshihiko Iwasawa), place name of this side comes out well. I feel attached to historical person in Warring States period because they had been active in a few hundred years ago in place where we live. According to this book, Washizu and Marune Forts is where Oda sides built to stifle Yoshimoto Imagawa. They are between Odaka Castle ruin in southwest several hundred meters and Narumi Castle in Northeast 1km (both Imagawa sides of the position) and divide these two castle.(See: Nagoya City Education Board "Washizu Toride" ruin guidance signboard)


 I thought that there has good view if there are not even trees when I went up to the fort while checking by a map book to carry around always for a walk. So I think it hold the enemy in check because the movement of them can be seen well. It can be seen also in the amateur to be advantageous to fight by position of this kind of hill because there is only a village of low roof buildings on Warring States Period.
 According to the "Shinchō kōki", just before the Okehazama of battle, after the discussion with the senior statesman, Nobunaga danced "Atsumori", and took the field. And after he knew the fall of the Washizu and Marune Forts he sent a manifesto to his servants everyone.(page 54 of the text. The words put in parenthesis are the note of quoter.)。

"Everyone, listen earnestly. The Imagawa army exhausted food during night and they have run over throughout the night. They put the food to Odaka Castle, and struggled to storm Washizu and Marune forts. So they have much fatigue. On the other hand, we (the Oda army) is fresh. Do not fear the large enemy even if we are small. Victory or defeat of luck is in heaven. Do not think about the future. Turn back if they attack us, and attack them if they turned back. Make sure to defeat the enemy, that is the original purpose to break. Do not get the spoils of war, leave them alone. If you who has participated have won the war, you would make the honor of the family. Your offspring would be proud of. Strive earnestly."

 This is a fine sentence. This is a description of an author, Goichi Ota who is seven years older than Nobunaga and served to him and was alive until Keicho period, so I think it would be actually the contents like this.
 Battle of Okehazama that I saw many times by movies and TV dramas, was just a youth of desperate for Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu. Nobunaga was 26, Hideyoshi was 23, and Ieyasu was 17 year old! Hideyoshi's name was still Tokichiro Kinoshita, and only one of the servants of Nobunaga, and it was before becoming couple with Nene. Ieyasu was a servant of Yoshimoto Imagawa (hostage rather than) , and his name still was Motoyasu Matsudaira. He was ordered the vanguard in the fight of Okehazama, and it was successful to carry food to Odaka Castle ruin in desperate preparedness. It is just time that they had been effort to survive earnestly day-to-day. They wouldn't even think about that they were referred to as Three Yingjie of The Warring States later. And because they survived the era, they are evaluated thoroughly their merits and demerits by the posterity precisely.
 And then March 13, this time I went to see the Odaka Castle ruin in a family of 3. I thought we will immediately arrive to a Castle Ruin Park by the map by car, but it was impossible to approach there because the road is growing narrower. And there is no parking. We wanted to approach on foot , but took a long time to search parking. There was Comunity-Senter near here. But outsider can't park (this is obvious). and we barely find Aoki Super in a neighborhood, so park there and decided to walk from there. We would be tired at this time, and went into a cafe unusually. There was the house of a farmer-style which has been remade as coffee shop. we sat on a seat that was tatami and Japanese desk, and took the coffee and toast. Here I found a motorcycle of old "Meguro" on our way back at the entrance. And I rose suddenly tension. Then I got the permission of the photos to a store owner hurriedly.

 My father was a motorcycle mania that took part as the oldest human in a bike race "Nagoya TT race" that would be known by someone somewhere. He ran a used bike shop in my childhood (Showa period 20's and 30's ) in Nakagawa-ku. He had put motorcycles of 'Meihatsu', 'Tohatsu' and 'Lilac' etc which are not known very much now in his narrow storefront. I and my sister had a poor childhood for the business of father such as his hobby. but well, I was always such a feeling because 'the sparrows near the school sing the primer' when I heard the word 'Meguro'. (Incidentally I knew that the father was in the 37th place in the "Nagoya TT race" in Wikipedia for the first time.(There was also an another article "He was retired in the middle".) Reference:http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%90%8D%E5%8F%A4%E5%B1%8BTT%E3%83%AC%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B9)
 I have digressed from the subject. It took about ten minutes to walk from the coffee shop to The Odaka Castle ruin. There is a fairly wide space on the top of the ruin, and Shiroyama Hachiman Shrine and the monument of ruin are enshrined on the place one step higher. Inner moat trace of Castle also remains clearly.

 We effected our purpose. Actually we were also going to go to see Narumi Castle , but it already was close to noon because it took a long time to look for Odaka Castle. And we took a lunch at Saizeria for the first time in a long time. (^^;)

  Mar. 11, 2015 (Wed)  4th Anniversary of Great Earthquake 

 It is unexpected snow from yesterday. On the way home from the company, I've been running through the snowstorm (by Nagoya people) by bicycle. (^^;)

 As you see my beloved car...

 Almost I write for the first time in a month. There was a lot of what I wanted to write, I had no feeling and fysical strength for part-time work. I finished it somehow in yesterday, I confronted an editor tool of Mac after a long absence.
 It is the day of just four years from East Great Earthquake Disaster today. TV and newspapers are reporting detail about the verification of the last four years. Abe's message from the Prime Minister's Office of LINE also had arrived. This is the visit of Prime Minister to the affected areas, and that called for to go to the Northeast to the public. In this morning Fuji TV "Tokudane!" relayed the person who continue to live just alone in his house which was destroyed by the tsunami. He continues to live in the house broken reluctantly because he loses eligible tenant of house for victims if he receive the assistance of home repair. There is water service in his house but not city gas. It is a life to be cooked in a cassette stove. Moreover, it is impossible to repair his house as before by the amount of repair assistance.Top articles of the "Akahata"(agency paper of Japan Communist Party) is "victims 300 people findings" that was done as usual every year. It puts the result that there is 80% of people think the lack of public support to the life and livelihood reconstruction and deteriorating health. There is a voice of "Prime Minister Abe is bullying the weak. His politics that he do not know the people." The 38% of People is "unemployed", the 66% of the people is answer 'No' to the question of "do you think Abenomics is useful?", To question that "is there prospect to return to the area you lived in before the nuclear accident?", 62% of people answered "there is not the prospect of to go home". Etc., vivid reality has been revealed.
 I only made a donation of ¥10000 after the earthquake happened, and I did not take any action to assist this four-year disaster area. I was scared to power of the tsunami, and I was feeling fear in the nuclear accident that I have never experienced. I wanted to recover my composure early for this four years without thinking deeply what I can.(Now I think, maybe it was a sign of such mind that I had devotion to paper writing of mathematics.)Even though I have interest in rally of anti-nuclear, I have not yet participated. So by all means I want to participate in it this year.

 Plum flowers which was covered in snow of yesterday

 Last month February 22, I participated in the event called Amagasaka Roman Walk that was recruited in the February issue of Public Relations Nagoya. It is the event by "North Ward Town Planning Promotion Council", and this is the plan that participants post the photos and tankas after visited the history's ruins of around Amagasaka slope of North Ward. The capacity was 20 people. While light rain, people attended almost , it was a success. Participants gathered in the place called "Amagasaka Salon(the event meeting place which is a coffee shop)". After local historian Masahiro Ito told the story, we went around Hachioji shrine, Kyukokuji temple, Onari-road, Amagasaka, Bogasaka, Katayama shrine,etc. I was very interesting because I was often did not know. However, I left it on the way because I was embarrassed by posting photos and tankas with "Recalls Workshop". It might be frowned at.
 During this ruins patrol, I knew for the first time; because the stone was dropped when carried for stone wall of Nagoya Castle fortification was so bad luck such as "Rakujo" , it was enshrined in the corner of Hachioji shrine. For a while it was a matter of concern by me. Later;
     Wasureishi jinja no oku ni na wo nokosu
      [A forgotten stone leaves the name in the depths of the Shinto shrine.]
     Hana mo naki jinja no oku no wasureishi
      [There is a stone in the depths of the Shinto shrine where the a flower does not bloom.]
 These phrases came to mind suddenly. These might have been in haiku. But, I did not post because they don't become the tanka.(^^;
[tanka or haiku=Japanese short poem]

  Feb. 12, 2015 (Thu)  Mac's Database App 

 The problem that is the most serious by transfer from Windows to Mac is Database. I was using 'Access' on Windows. I am a user of from Access95. I made some applications by it, but now I am thinking how to do in Mac.
 DATABASE Software was genre that I'm the most interested from MS-DOS era because I used software such as dBXL. When it became to Windows era, I couldn't use the dBXL, Reluctantly I transfer to Access, but I couldn't become to like like a dBXL. Halfway, I had purchased 'FileMaker Pro Ver.3', but finally I could not transfer from Access. Although I was thinking only the FileMaker as a database for Mac, it was too expensive of the price. It costs ¥40,000.
 The day before yesterday, I found an app that is called 'Tap Forms' (¥3,500 in the App Store ) by the search term 'Mac database'. By this app, it is possible to read into "Form" (in TapForms it say the 'Form' what corresponds to the Access table) by Access tables converted into a text file. However it is not a 'relational' database, so it is not possible to relate a form to another form.
 This app has a feature called "pick list", it is a list of only one word per line. Beforehand if you relate the pick list with field of the Form, you can refer to it when you input data. This is a little interesting to have the atmosphere, such as relational databases. I hope that It can change "TapForm" into relational database to turn a pick list into an another form.
 At the moment, this is sufficient for me because I only refer to the accumulated data. I wonder if farewell finally with Windows.(^^;

  Feb. 9, 2015 (Mon)  My Sister's 'Kanreki' (60th birthday) 

 Today is snow while sunny. it is confusing weather. If it is rain while sunny, such as that is marriage of fox, but if it snow in sunny, Yuki Onna might be married(by the way today is 'Tomobiki' (the day where friends are pulled in)). When I go out for a walk, it became snow soon, and it is so beautiful that the pale snow in the sunny light like disappear soon as fall to the ground. I walk on. When I crossed the Shin-kawaNakahashi northward it was the perfect cold. Words 'Kanpu mini shimu'(The body aches from cold wind) is able to realize.
 I bought a prevention seal of a cat claw sharpener and a toy of mouse for Moe in DAISO which goes well. It about me may be same as feelings of grandfather that buy a present for the grandchild. Well, I think there is no problem ... and if I am aware of myself.(^^;

 at a bank of Hatta River(Shin-kottsu Yosui=an irrigation canal )

 Today is my sister's birthday, moreover sixtieth. Even if it is so, we won't do anything exaggerated. However by chance, everyone of family is free day, and ate a meal on day and night together, and give a modest present and ate birthday cake. In addition today I did the registration of her ETC card at the ward office. 'Toll road disability discount system' is applicable for severe disabilities for two years, this time I've also created ETC card for that. It is the grateful system that toll is half of the ordinary rate when she pass the highway in own name on the card. Until now also when I take her to the hospital, we were able to receive a discount if posting a disability certificate in traffic gate, but exchange at the gate was cumbersome, so when I pass gate in my own ETC card, I had a fight with my wife.
 The procedure is not cumbersome but takes a little time. First, a credit card of her own name must be made. It takes a week to receive card. Then now I apply for the ETC card based on the card. It takes a week, too. And go to the ward office with management number of automobile inspection certificate and ETC equipment. I mail the documents made in it to "a toll road company", about after two weeks authorization notification is reached, and at last our car can pass a toll gate with the ETC card. I think it is not a birthday celebration but it was a good memorial.

  Jan. 21, 2015 (Wed)  Beginner of painting  

 Recently I have had a slight cold.
 From last September, I'm refreshing the house as possible because I became free. That said, but because my house is a public housing, I can not big deal. Ever I recovered screen door of the veranda, removed mold of the bathroom, exchanged of washing machine, and replaced door roller of sliding door of washroom, and this time I wanted to challenge to paint the front door.
 Some years ago, a whole building we are living was painted. Then the door was also repainted of course. I put the poster of recruitment of my cram school on the door. I attached the A4 seal paper on it without thinking well. Later, when the seal is peeled off, the blue groundwork has come out.


 My wife required me to paint many times, but so I am not very confident, I had postponed to paint loosely. However, looking at the various information such as internet, because I felt that I understand the way somehow , I carried out paint. At first I was thinking like canned paint, knowing that there is also a spray-can in Khama HC, I was changed hastily. I've bought a lacquer paint similar to the door color (Ivory · ¥ 596) , and masking tape (¥ 193).
 First I clean the painting surface , but it finished rough. Next, I pasted torn newspapers in masking tape as surround the painted surfaces. Entrance of the housing estate is northern aspect and wind was very cold strongly. This may have aggravated the cold.
 Then I ran the paint in spray-cans. After all, because I am amateur, paint was dripping, However I'm going to paint twice, so I keep it intact. Next day after I confirmed that the painting dried, I rubbed with sandpaper lightly . According to the description written in the can, Painting is not sag when the distance of a spray-can and the door was kept in parallel. I see, no drip.(You have to read the instructions before you paint. (^^;)
 And also the next day, I peel off the newspaper, and confirmed completion finally. Hmm, it's no very good work.

  It's no very good work(;_;)

 It is prevented that you understand with this image(^^;), there are steps between the painted surface and the original foundation. I think it is necessary to lose a step by to paint something like putty. Then color is also slightly different…. Well, as the first paint job, I'm decided to give up as something like this. Because the door still has bald, the next time I want to try a little better.

  Jan. 18, 2015 (Sun)  Nishiharu-Cho, Kitanagoya City 

 Today's walking was around Nishiharu Station (of Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd.). In fact I came once on Friday last week, but couldn't find a free parking, so I only went around the station. However when I checked the map after I came home, there was a Kitanagoya City Hall near the Station! Therefore today at the re-challenge, I have parked in the City Hall parking , then took a walk. Road extending east from the city hall is like a road that is from a long time ago. Many shops in the Showa-age are located along the road.

 Post(active duty) in the corner of the private house. Neighbor is shop called "TOUKIYA" (pottery?)

 When I turn to the railroad crossing to the south, Nishiharu Station was found soon. I went into the shop of "Pare Marche", which is directly connected to the station. I was thankful because it was cold. I've drop by because there was announcement that "at the fourth floor Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition is held". However "Mori's Ikameshi" that I hoped a little was not there. There was not also Mehibi of seaweed that I am favorite. In the end I went out without buying anything. The rotary, sidewalk and roadway of Station square is good condition. And I think the main street of Nishiharu Town have lined up Trendy shops. But, when I walk a little to the west, it becomes rural landscape. There was a wind power generator in a place called Children's Center.

 All directional wind-power generator

 I have a interest in such as effective use of wind and rainwater. Can they not personally easy? I am thinking we can somehow power the charging of a personal computer or smartphone at home, or how can I use the rainwater for bathwater? ...etc.. but not very seriously, I am thinking.

  Jan. 15, 2015 (Thu)  First job 

 I was left the company, but personally, have a some clients to the PC maintenance. One of them, Mr. G's PC maintenance became my first job of this year.
 He has been carried out sales management in Windows Me(!), but the end of last year, his dot impact printer that has been a favorite for many years has been broken. When he inquires of the manufacturer, they said it can not even anymore repair. It is not hard to find, even looking for the equivalent model in the Internet. Moreover because it may PC has failed (for example, repeating the activation), he requested to move the system to another PC (XP) which is no longer used anymore. And he requested to change to the ink jet system printer, too. I assumed that it is cheap requirements. It is all right with a printer, but an essential tool (EmEditor Free) in XP machine could not be installed. Apparently "Data Execution Prevention (DEP)" of Windows XP SP3 function seems to interfere. Windows Installer does not work.
 I found to adding "/ NoExecute = AlwaysOff" to "C/boot.ini", but this time the message comes out that the installer has been destroyed. Eventually, I kept his PC, and dealt with this trouble while obtaining a variety of information on the net at home. Apparently a lot of people had a hard time on the same problem, a variety of information was flowing on the net.
 I tried a variety of ways at home, and so I became gradually the feeling to give up. Incidentally I remembered the 'Y' who is G's boss (he is using the same system as the G's), and before I had entrusted the unnecessary PC to him as a spare. I came up that I hand over a this PC to Mr.G, and I call on Mr. Y. I have obtained the kindly consent from him, went to taking over the PC the next day. And I did the process of migrating the system at home. It was easy success. After it was settled down, I tried to do once more last time G's XP repair. It's the way I have to try some times, but what this was successful! And quickly installation has finished. What was good, or what was bad. I got stunned.
 After all, PC that was entrusted by Mr. Y is no longer needed. I think, because I've received this, I was able to repair. This is the famous "law of Murphy" (!?).

 Three animals is set. It is "Moe" which became a little larger in the foreground.

 Two or three days ago, I woke up because I heard strange sound in living room in the midnight. When I went there, she was playing with a mouse doll alone in the dark without getting tired (I had set the mouse doll at the tip of the setaria).

 This is today's Moe. She plays it in day and night and light and dark.

 it is not only cute as the day goes by. Apparently she seemed peeing around. We often are looking for on the basis of the smell around. Because it is a kitten, there is no help for it.

  Jan. 10, 2015 (Sat)  Bedtime story by Mathematics(3) 

 Although study of number theory is followed, it is the challenge now is a little away from the book of Dr. Takagi from natural number in my brain decided to try to build a number system of up to real. If successful this is also expected that it might be the next short essay.
 Intentionally I have used the dialectic as the method. The gist was writing already on the blog of September 25, 2008. Although is that of their own, and surprised that the idea is not changed little. I do not progress. It is a rather anxiety. Just when I actually promoted the idea, there is ups and downs, and there is a place which has been pressed in spirit. This is bad. I have been described up to development to integral number from natural numbers , but in my head I am going to what to do with the continuity of real numbers more ahead. After all, I wonder if there is only a "cut" of Dedekind.

 Although not related to the title, because it was rare ...

 As one seems to hint, in the "Wissenschaft der Logik" of Hegel, there is a statement that "quantity has a two opportunity for continuity and isolation.".(IWANAMI SYOTEN "Hegel Complete Works" 6b revision "Wissenschaft der Logik"(Translated by Takechi, Tatehito)The second separate of first volume 23p) Here, rather than the number, many suggestions have been given the dialectic perspective is the amount. For example,

「連續性は分離的なものの統一として、ただ連關的で、純一な統一であるが、またこのようなものとして措定されたものであるから、それはもはや單なる契機ではなくて、むしろ量の全體である。このようなものが卽ち連續量である。」(Highlighted part in the cited book is dot.And everywhere there is a phonetic symbol (of German ?)).”Continuity as a unified separate ones, were linked-forward, and is a pure unification, but also It is one that has been posited as such, and it is no longer just a trigger, but rather the entire amount. Something like this that is a continuous quantity.”

 Somehow it's text that do not know the meaning, but there is that I understand from here;
(By replacing the amount in number) Number has (originally) a confrontational two opportunity for continuity and isolation. So, how to convert to continuity from the separation is to deny the separation properties. In other words, separating is splitting,So To deny it to make it not be 'possible to divide'. For example, if you separate the rational number to 'numbers more than 2 when squared' and 'numbers smaller than 2 when squared', it become cutting. Because there is no rational number become 2 when squared. Dedekind was set 'a real number' by such Cut. This means that he has established a real number as those denied the separation. He rebuilt the number system based on the definition of the new number.(This is the 'negation of negation' that is the conventional method of dialectic.).This is the essence of his 'Cut'.

 That I'm interested in else than 'Cut', is 'An axiom of Archimedes'. This is seemingly clear expression, but holds deep content. Now I'm contemplating the construction of real numbers using only this axiom.

 After a little more, let me show off 'Moe' that little grows.

  Jan. 3, 2015 (Sat)  Happy New Year! 

 Happy New Year! It became in 2015. Because it is the turn of the year, I wanted to try to change the page from last year's blog, but That is good convenience (for me) of the older blog, it was decided to continue for a while in this state.
 First I show off an annual shot of 'MASUMIDA shrine' (Jan. 2).

 The right side is Mrs. 'S'. (my dear wife). A hood might be too looks good to her…

 This New Year in nationally heavy snow, it snowed from 'GANTAN'(New Year's Day) also in Nagoya. 1st was drank the liquor from the morning because I was going to not go out anymore, so I was watching TV all day. In 2nd day when we go out to Hatsumode(the first visit shrine), It became snow soon. So we became uneasy a little. Because of that annual shot also is this plight(hood is required). But it is not so much cold because there is no wind. In the afternoon It also stopped snowing. On the way home of Hatsumode, we stopped in the beginning of the year to Mr. H井's house, and we had the Osechi feast and non-alcoholic beer. New Year's card came from our mutual friend. It was written that they married last month. when we liven up that topic, Just then we got a phone call from her , and were livened up more than more.
 Today, 3rd, we went to the famous 'HITSUJI'(sheep) shrine for Hatsumode on foot in Kita-Ku, Nagoya City. It was also for the digestion of Ozoni. I had expected to congestion because this year was 'Year of the Sheep'. I would do anything to go Hitsuji Shrine because my sister is Toshi-onna. The end of last year I took a walk around the shrine. People of shrine who had been preparing for the New Year. They were feeling a strong spirit. New Year's Day I seemed it would be surely very hard. As we thought, even today 3rd, when we arrived, about hundred people was in the approach of shrine, and when we have finished the pray, there had been filled with hundreds of people.

  'HITSUJI' shrine of Jan. 3rd

 New Year of the the last year in this column I wrote it is strange that many people worship alongside neatly at the shrine. However, this year, a member of my family is 'HITSUJI (sheep) Year', so we lined neatly and want to pray to the shrine. it's another problem as one of faith, but it is anyway is important format such thing as these annual events.

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