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This website shows photos taken with Nikon D100, D70, D200, D300, D700, D3100 and others. 
Most of the photos were taken at RAW, and retouched  to be more beautiful and more natural photo images. 


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Mt. Hakkai in the winter

Mt. Hakuba in the winter

Snapshots in Kamakura


Festival in Tochigi


Ayers Rock

Frankland Island

Around Shinkoyasu in Yokohama

Autumn Leaves 2010-1

Autumn Leaves 2010-2

Scenes of the Sunset at Odaiba

Hydrangeas in a rainy day

The Old Mikasa Hotel

Kokudo-Station and Industrial Complex

Cherry Blossoms 2010

Kyoto in May

Echigo in the spring 2010

Kyoto 2010_1

Kyoto 2010_2

Misaki Fishing Port


Flowers in the early spring

Skiing in Kitayatsugatake

Around Ohi-machi

Mt. Ontake-san & Kaida-kogen  in the winter

Sea of Shonan

Autumn Leaves in Yamada Ranch and Shiga-kogen 2009

Season of Autumn Leaves 2009

Autumn Leaves in Mt. Nokilura-dake 2

Windmills of Kinderdijk

Autumn Leaves in Mt. Nokilura-dake 1

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Index of Photo Archives
Revetment Work
Snow Country
Kyoto in the Spring
Fresh Leaves 2009
Second Gallery of FINEPIX F200EXR
First Shots of D700
Misty Grove of Beech Trees
Scenes with Fros
Downtown Kitasenju
Uji and Byodoin Temple
Spring in Tsukui
Under the Railroad Overpass
Yokohama Port in the Twilight
Sunflowers & Vegetable Fields
Cherry Blossoms and Floras in Kawazu
First Gallery of FINEPIX F200EXR
Sakura 2009
Hydrangeas at Takahatafudoson shrine
Snap Shots in Chichibu

Skyscrapers with Shadow
Mt. Fuji & Lake Yamanaka-ko in January
Tokyo Marathon
Spring has come
Fresh Leaves 2008
Season of Remaining Snow
Floras in Otome-kogen Highlan
Amsterdam and Den Haag
Autumn Leaves at Okushiga & Matukwa-keikoku
Autumn Leaves around Route Akiba
Morning in the Winter
Downtown Yanaka, Nezu, Sendagi
Mountain ridge Happo-One
Ume Blossoms in Yoshino-baigo 2008
Moss Pink Blossoms in Hitsujiyama-park
Big Buddha and Kasuga-Taisha shrine in Nara
Hydrangeas in Kamakura
Early Autumn in Oku-Nikko
Old Machine Tools
Snow Country 2008
Snow Scenes
Cherry Blossoms 2008
Scenes with flowers
Fresh Green around Mt. Yatsugatake
Snapshots in Chichibu
Autumn Leaves at the 5th Stage of Mt. Fuji
Downtown Kyoshima
Mt. Fuji in December and Rime Ice

Ume Blossoms in Yoshinobaigo
Cherry Blossoms 2007
Yamakoshi-mura after the earthquake disaster
Around Mt. Yatsugatake in the spring
Kyushu in the rainy season
Legacies of prosperities
Autumn color in Manza Shiga-kogen
D300 First Album
Snow Country   
Snow Country2
Floras in the Park Showa-kinen
Season of Fresh Leaves
Hokkaido in the summer 2007
Autumn Color 2007
Tokyo Night Scenes with D300
A morning in the winter
Floras in the Katakurinosato
Mountain Village Shimoguri
Echigo in the spring 2007
Around Mt. Yatsugatake in June   
Snap Shots in Yanaka
Along the Enoden Line
Mountain Village Shimoguri in the late Autumn


Tokyo with lights  
Heavy Snow  
Cherry Blossoms in Minobusan  
Lakes in Urabandai   
Tastes in Aizu   
Tastes in the Fall

Tastes of Yokohama  
Cherry Blossom Viewing  
Spring in the Snow Country   
Rainy Season  
Yokota Air Base   
Autumn Color 2006  
Mt. Fuji

Highland Kaida and Mt. Ontake in the winter   
Floras in the Macro  
Live music with Trinity Green   
Highlands in June   
Fire Works   
Trip to Swiss Alps   
First Album of D40

Town night and day  
Shuzenji and Nishiizu in the winter   
Cherry Blossoms in 2005'  
Fresh Green 2005'  
Mt. Tanigawa-dake   
Back roads exploration in Koshu  
Lake Tsukui-ko in the evening  
Snow road to Dohshi and Mt. Fuji 
Floras in the Spring 2005'
Scenes with remaining Snow
Rice planting season
Exploration of the downtown Yanaka, Nezu and Sendag
Down town kyohshima   
Ume Blossoms in Yoshino-Baigoh  
High-Land Yachiho with snow   
Hydrangeas and Irises   
Highlands in the early summer  
Holy mountain Mitake-san  
Sojiji Soin Temple and Myojoji Temple in Noto
Mysterious Ponds Goshiki-numa  
Autumn Colors  
First Gallery of  D200
Local Summer festival  
Calm Rooms  
Autumn Color 2
Nostalgia for Noto  
Snapshots in Kitakata  
Scenes in New Zealand  

Red Mt. Fuji  
Japanese Garden Mogusa-en  
D70 First Gallery  
Cherry Blossom 2004  
Foggy Kirigamine  
Hawaii 2004'  
Snaps on the backstreet in Kamakura
Around kiyosato in the winter  
Snow Country Echigo 2004  
Flowers in the Spring 2004  
Spring of the heavy snowfall aria  
Highland Otome-kogen in spring 2004  
Floras in the Summer  
The season of Autumn leaves 2004'  
Scenes with Shade
Shrine Fuji Sengen Jinja  
Diamond on Mt. Fuji 
Opening of New Ogura Bridge
Urban Scenes
Waterfall and Pond
Highland Kaida-kogen
Urban Scenes 2
Tsuchizawa in the early winter

Walking in Odaiba  
The snow country Echigo  
Flora in Oze  
Hokkaido in the summer 2003  
Expressions of Animals  
A Sunset
Old Samurai Residences in Kakunodate  
Mt. Fuji and Swans  
Cherry blossoms in full bloom  
Trip to Kiso District  
Oze in the early Autumn  
Autumn Leaves in the Valley Matsukawa  
Kamakura late in the fall
Beautiful snow in Shiga highland  
Hiking to Mt. Takao  
Highland Yachiho-kohgen  
Oze in the early summer  
Mountain Village Akiyama-go  
Autumn Color in Shiga & Akiyama-go  
Secluded hot spring spot Tsurunoyu

France & Belgium  
Fall in Japan  
Around Highland Shiga-kogen  
Old PicturesFrance & Belgium  
First Shots of D100  
Snapshots at random  
Autumn color in Oku-Nikko  
It's Japan