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This page is published some technique for playing campaign and multiplay on MACROSS VO and MACROSS VOXP.
Get away from the missile
Barrel roll
Barrel roll Barrel roll is technique which flies in a spiral orbit.
If you use this technique, you can avoid some missile from ahead.
Catch the target at the center and fly toward it.
Pull your stick half when enemy atack, and pull your stick left or right.
Your vehicle flies in a spiral orbit that centers on the target.
There is one notes, if you pull sthick too much, you lost velocity and you can't avoid missile.
Barrel roll is effective also to the evasion of the attack from the rear side depending on the usage.
Break Break is technique which getaway from missile and the enemy plane that approaches from the rear side by doing a rapid turn.
Pull your stick and turn about 60 degrees when attack from rear side, and accelerate by afterburner about 1 second.
Next step, turn about 120 degrees and accelerate maximum.
Turning by two stages is important.
Fast stage, turn obtuse angle and induce missile in the direction.
Second stage, turn acute angle and getaway form missile.
Break is effective also to the evasion of the attack from the front side depending on the usage.
It's more effective pull side your stick and use rudder, added to the orbit roll and yaw.
High yoyo
High yoyo

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