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Tactical training Basic course

This page is published basic knowledge for begginer of just start MACROSS VO and MACROSS VOXP.
Understand inertia
In MACROSS VO, inertia exists there, and it influences your vehicle.
you turn your vehicle, but it's only move direction of nose.
If you want to go forward new direction, you should accelerate your vehicle after it turns.
Acceleration is controlled with throttle.
It becomes large when throttle is opened, it becomes small when throttle is closed.
If you use afterburner, your vehicle is accelerated quickly.
Afterburner grow up maximum velocity to 1500.
Afterburner is useful accelerate after turn, avoid and getaway from missile, chase your target.
But, it is not effective when throttle is closed.
Open throttle maximum when you use afterburer.
Actual velocity?
There is velocity gage on bottom left corner.
Inside gauge is throttle gauge, outside gauge and center figure are velocity gage.
Maximum velocity is usualy 1000, you shoud cut off engine when you get velocity 1000.
You will decrease the consumption of fuel by doing so.
But, velocity 1000 when maximum throttle is not same velocity 1000 when minimum throttle. If you fly with CPU velocity 1000, you pass CPU when your throttle is more than 50%, you are passed CPU when your throttle is less than 50%.
Velocity gage seems not to be actual velocity.

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