Name of the factory is Rat Engineering, a unique name.In this page, I will mainly show you my work on remodeling bicycles and assembling parts. It’s very fun for me to think well and to create something by my hands.

Diary of My Work

Can I be a Maniac ? (1) December, 2002 Remodeling stem of Pedersen bicycle.
Hairsplitting work (1) January 2003 Joint of break wire of Moulton-AM, failing
BS-MOULTON(1) February, 2003 Box Assemble of BRIDGESTONE-MOULTON
BS-MOULTON(2) March, 2003 Box Assemble of BRIDGESTONE-MOULTON
Bicycle Postcard (1) April, 2003 Display goods for Bicycle Postcard  
Production of Vehicle -shaped Card case
Can I be a Maniac ? (2) May, 2003 Proposal, Assembling of handle of Pylon Moulton bicycle
American Cycle (1) June, 2003 Dairy of assembling American type bicycle (1) design and frame
American Cycle (2) July 2003 Dairy of assembly of American type bicycle (2) frame stem seatpost
American Cycle (3) August, 2003 Dairy of assembling of American type bicycle (3) saddle sissybar

Bicycle for Angels 
Stained glass made in 1642 are displayed at some church in England. A bicycle is depicted on a sheet of the glass. This is an important keyword for me when I think about bicycles. What a nice image such as “An angle
rides a bicycle on clouds blowing a bugle.” It would be wonderful if we are able to ride a bicycle such as this. That is the reason whey I chose this picture for the top page.

I will be gland if you have any comment on this via E-mail.

Masashi Takahashi

Menuma-machi, SAITAMA JAPAN