Can I be a Maniac ? (1)

Those who are interested in a bicycle may know about it, there was a bicycle named Dursley Pedersen more than 100 years ago. This was designed by the Dunish, Mr. Mikael Pedersen. The bicycle was built with relayed thin steal pipes like truss. This is wonderful and innovative design within many restrictions on design of bicycle.
I think it has a kind of beauty of structure.

This had been manufactured in England until 1917 when the World War I disrupted the production. Since then, it seems that the production had been discontinued.
However, Mr. Jesper Solling, the Danish restarted the production around in 1978. Recently, the model has begun to be reevaluated highly and the replica made in Germany seems to be imported here. As a fan of the model, I am glad to hear that.

I pick up the “Pedersen” for the first theme of my page. I saw it at Tokyo Cycle Show in 1993 and bought the model made in Denmark. Like those of Show model, the parts are consisted of a set of Campagnolo and Cinelli handle set. They are equipped with calf saddle and grip, mudguard made of curved maple tree. The price was 370,000 Yen including consumption tax. To tell you the
truth, I have never tried to ride it.

The reason why I never ride it is that stem is shaky and handdlebar is unstable (Both 2 parts are loosened) How can I ride such a thing !

To tell you the truth, I was afraid a rumor would be going around in my neighbors about that I was eccentric to ride such a strange bicycle.

I will try to ride it for the first time because I bough it by myself. So, firstly I will try to reassemble Stem and I actually did it.

Handlebar and clamp were fixed without having both sizes adjusted for a long period, which caused a metal fatigue below. I could not exchange the parts as I usually do because I was not able to remove the leather grip. Unfortunately, I could not help cutting the clamp of stem to remove it from Cinelli. I had to reuse stem bolt because I could not use Cinelli. I felt very sorry
when I cut the part even it was broken.

I spent about 3 days on my work. The picture shows the bicycle prior to plating.
I plate it with chrome, of course after having it polished.
I created a part, something to strange that I may have ever seen before.

I tried in various ways, but I can’t go beyond the original displayed at Japan Bicycle Hall. What a fine workmanship! Why don’t you go and see it. When I tried riding the remodeled bicycle, I felt comfortable with hammock shaped saddle, which made me happy. I wish I could find a bicycle made in Japan which makes me a happy feeling of the ride.
Do you follow my story? I will be glad if you send me a mail.