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Some visitors asked me to send my tone curve I am using, and I sent my curve to them by email.
So, I have prepared this page to be downloaded my custom curve.

        Custom Curve Down lording is here    curve039.ntc

The profile of the custom curve is set as below. If you install this curve into your D100,  photos will be brightened and enhanced contrast appropriately.

How to install the downloaded custom curve into your D100
  Connect your D100 and  PC by the USB cable, and turn on the D100's power switch, then open Nikon Capture Camera Control. After then open the curve039.ntc and check the tone curve would become like this.
Then click OK, the custom curve would be installed into your D100

Effectiveness of the custom curve.

   Pic 1  Tone compensation is normal.

   Pic 2   Applied the Custom curve.