Neurology by Hayama.S

This web site started from November -1 ,2002.Neurology and Medical Science,Specially I
explained Encephalopathy by Antipsychotic,"Hayama's Disease".I hope that many people relate medical science,welfare read this home page
This Web Site is written by Satoshi HAYAMA.
Japanese ,Kyoto University,Faculty of Science ,Depertment of Biophysics
This Home Page introduce my research about Neurology.
Now my researching central target is Encephalopathy by Antipsychotics.
This theme is belong neuropsychopharmacology. But relative with many fierld,Neuroscience ,Psychiatry,Clinical Neurology,Genetics,and this is social problem,too.
Apoptotic neuron exhibiting DNA fragmentation.

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WCP Yokohama 2002(presentation)
UNESCAP Otsu 2002(proposal)
18th WASP Kobe 2004(presentation)
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