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■5256   XJToqBLDmuANavk 
□投稿者/ jonn3 MAIL コピーライター戦士(25回)-(2007/09/11(Tue) 04:38:39)

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□投稿者/ link to my shop コピーの紙(63回)-(2007/09/11(Tue) 04:46:35)

Not much on my mind. Oh well. Basically not much notable going on today.
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■5291   Re: XJToqBLDmuANavk 
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I've just been letting everything pass me by , but oh well. What can I say? I've just been hanging out doing nothing, but eh. Basically not much notable going on. My life's been completely dull these days. Not much on my mind lately, but pfft.
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■5851   Re: XJToqBLDmuANavk 
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