年來自分が考へた叉自分が多少實行し來りたる處世の方針は何處へ行つた。前後を切斷せよ、妄りに過去に執着する勿れ、徒らに將來に望を屬する勿れ、滿身の力を込めて現在に働けというのが乃公の主義なのである。                      「倫敦消息」


Kid Beyond

I think you have to watch this. This is crazy. Very intersting. He beatboxes and creats some loops through a sampler, and then keeps beatboxing or singing to build layers to perform a song. My question is that when he records the second or third loop, he must record the first rythm part together because he is imrovising the loops and the mic should catch all the sounds out of speakers. Doesn't it matter? I wonder if a track could be very chaotic and just noisy.



Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, 1996.
I have no idea when I got this book. I know I liked the movie based on this novel when I saw it. I like the plot somehow. Quite watchable. As a novel, I don't know. The quality doesn't seem high. Were it not in English, I would stop reading it. Many single-word sentences. I'm not sure if those are supposed to be cool. The novel has a different ending from the movie version. And I didn't like it at all. The closing of the movie was more lyrical and expressive. A sense of nostaligia. I remember I thought it was something I might want to make.