年來自分が考へた叉自分が多少實行し來りたる處世の方針は何處へ行つた。前後を切斷せよ、妄りに過去に執着する勿れ、徒らに將來に望を屬する勿れ、滿身の力を込めて現在に働けというのが乃公の主義なのである。                      「倫敦消息」


i got A- for the mid term paper in phil172, philosphy of language and communication. and B+ in phil174, epistemology, pretty historical stuffs like malebranche, arnauld, locke and hume. it sucks. i need to push myself more strongly for the finals. im going well in ling 120b. i expect A for sure. the teacher of this class is hardest in ling department. but im beating them all. i can be a bit cocky about that. i wanna get straight A. anyway im gaining the substantial knowledge of syntax. its cool.