This site has some free graphics for web.
They are made of my pastel drawing.

To use my graphics for free, you must follow the following terms.
Please take some time and read them carefully.

Thank you for your attention.
I hope they will be able to help you.

-Free Graphics General Terms of Usage-

about User
-Please use my graphics in your personal web site.
-You can use my graphics without asking me, as long as your web site does not contain any adult-only contents or illegal issues.
-Please ask me(the web master "Aya") befor use, if your web site is a business web site. (NO HTML based mails, please!)

about Second Processing
-The second processing that are allowed are modifying sizes, and putting text in "plate","button" and "banner" images.
-Composition is prohibited.
-It is OK to convert GIF format to PNG format.

-Please download and save the graphics to your hard drive to use. (You may not direct-link any graphic datas in this site.)
-Do not ever redistribute my free graphics.
-You are not allowed to distribute any of my image files even when you processed them. But it is OK to distribute only "banner" you use for your web site's banner.
-Non-commercial use only (Reselling is prohibited.)
-Since all rights reserved by Aya "uno-com", do not ever redistribute any graphics in your site.
-My graphics in next page are free. But other page's graphics are not free, so do not ever download and use the graphics without asking me.

Other Announcements
-You don't have to link to this web site when you use my graphics, but I will be glad if you do that anyway !
-You can link to this web site, "uno-com", as long as your web site does not contain any adult-only contents or illegal issues.
-If you can link to this web site, please make the link to the opening page, and let me know at the BBS or E-mail (I can understand simple English, ....maybe!).
Site Name : uno-com Web Master : Aya
Opening page :
Banner 1 :
Banner 2 :
-My graphics are made of my pastel drawing, and processed by licensed softwares, Adobe Photo Deluxe for family, and IBM Homepage Builder.
-I'm sorry, other pages in this web site are written in Japanese.

-Do you agree wiht the all terms ?-
YES ! NO !