Pjkoichi shimaoka is a teacher of political economy for the education faculty of saitama university jp. about thirty years have passed since 1970 when i left for this post. when your interest focuses on the position as an economist not in the economics faculty but in the education faculty, you can naturally recognize my political economy has recently become more and more different from the econoimics studied and disciplined in the economics faculty. the reason why it's got so is for the poverty of the image of humanbeings which economics traditionally treats, i am sure. the human images are the standardized ones excludingly pursuing maximizing "utility"and "individual welfare". i, in the viewpoint of human education and human development, come to see the humanbeings as various, ambiguious and variable. the human images in the public education also look very like the ones in the "economics".

Qjkoichi shimaoka is thinking that it is proper that economics and education should be fused into a single humann theory. for the laws adapted to the economics should be particular parts of laws adapted to education. futhermore, my starting point of political economy used to be "economic growth(developmen)". gradually, i come to believe that "economic growth(development)" must be directly connected to a part of "human growth(development)". the latter must be united with human education. this is my own belief. shimaoka's economics would be developed on the basis of so-called relationship-capabilities. my "relationship-capabilities" does not create some relationship but also possibly entrains it. the "entrainment of relationship" means that the absolute weak such as the severly handicapped, aged persons and newly born babies as well) have the capabilities to entrain relationship. they can creat the new relationship as the result of such an entrainment. learning as many theories as possible publicized in the world since the antecedent thoughts, such an idea means the emerge of shimaoka's own original political economy by the inversion approach of the wolrd.

Rjeventually, my own political economy at the same time asks ceaslessly changing the way of education. i take importantly the place and physicality in educational activities. let me take an example of crossing the riddle of NOMUGI as a seminar form during twenty years. that's why though those twenty-year experiments of the seminar are over now, i often ask the students in a class to play a drama like "YUZURU" or "twilight crane" which is one of the most famous plays in the drama history of jp. the way how to educate my own idear of the world and even the cosmos should necessarily be full with plenty of predicativeness, but not with subject nouns. i am refusing a "rostrum economics".

Sjkoichi shimaoka is a father of a daughter and a son. 22nd september 2002 a daughter's daughter was born. she, new baby, is a half-breed. my son wishes to become a composer of game-music, energetically going around the world and being abosobed into the plays. each of my family, however, is not very good of going through the world. it is sure that she and he should continue to be poor.

Tji am a patient of dilated cardiomyopathy which is heard absolutely incuralble till my death. i have very often entered hospitals of heart failure and blood clot etc..now that i am looking forwrad to my death now. "it's not learnig if not pleasant, it's not work if not pleasant, and it's not life if not pleasant" is my favorit motto.
i am making my mind to do what doctors ever prohibited me from now on.

the pic shot by a girl student during my lecture.B

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