Yamatsuri Fireball

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At Oct.27,2005,17h05m27s UT(=Oct.28, 02h05m27s LT), A fireball appeared north Kanto district.
SonotaCo(from Tokyo) and Puru(from Niigata) observed this fireball by automatic TV cameras.
M.Ueda calculated trajectory and orbit.
Detail data was published in "SonotaCo Network" articles.(in Japanese)

Initial velocity was 23km. Maximum brightness was -8 mag.
These data can't be expected to survive the meteorite in the atmosphere generally.
But luminous end height was 23 km that was surprising low altitude.
The reason was thought that meteoroids was hard therefore ablation or fragmentation checked exceptionally.
Fireball's TV image shown few fragmentation with no tail.
These characteristics was associated stony iron meteorite.
Terminal mass estimation was 100 gram or less.

Predicted impact area
Yamatsuri town, Fukushima prefecture

Red ellipse is predicted impact area.
(Added on corrected Zenrin electric map.)

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