Created by the 66 members of the Yuge Elementary School
graduating classes of 2004, which is located near City Nagasaki
where the second Atomic Bomb was dropped in 1945.

Every section of this painting has symbolic meaning .
The different images contain the children's wishes, hopes and dreams.

This image was derived from "The Statue of Peace" in Nagasaki Peace Park.. His right hand stretching up means the threat of the Atomic Bomb and his left hand stretching horizontally shows Peace. Negai no Hito (a man of prayers created by Yuge children) standing on the statue's lap is trying to stop the Atomic Bomb before it can devastate the world.
The 66 stars represent the children. The stars and the heart-shaped moon shine brightly in the sky, and the beautiful rainbow on the tip of the statue's finger spreads from the darkness of the past, through the present and toward the hope and promise of the future.

The children's songs reverberates as the earth-shaped balloon floats away toward the future

The huge Orizuru(origami crane) draws the rainbow to a peaceful world.

The springwater of Kumamoto is spurting out like the Peace Fountain in Nagasaki Peace Park.

The flower road of Peace leads to the horizon and the outer world beyond.
The road is lined with Japanese cedar trees, just like a road in the children neighborhoods.
These are some of the famous local landmarks in Kumamoto prefecture, including Mt. Aso volcano and the Shirakawa river. We love our hometown!

The students are hand in hand pressing ahead near the landmine that has been disabled by covering it with the nantural bamboo trees from the Yuge children' s living area

These are people from various countries who have different ethnic backgrounds. They walk together toward peace, live together in harmony, sharing a great time !

The flowers were painted by each of the 66 children.

This is Mr. Chris Moon who participated in the Aso Marathon while wearing a prosthetic limb. The dove of peace has lifted him up and he is flying with the birds.
This "Kids' Guernica" was created by the 66 graduates of the Yuge Elementary School calsses of 2004. Their wishes are enclosed within the boarders of this mural.