Room-5 Calligraphy and Suimonga

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Suminagashi works have been used as decorative paper for calligraphy. Suimonga and Majirozome can
be used same porpose for calligraphy and expected to be used more effectively.

Also, Suimonga can be used for letter paper.

 Img4-01.JPG Img4-02.JPG Img4-11.JPG

By Mrs. Sumiko Nakanishi By Mr.Ching By Saint Nikkou

  Img4-03.JPG   Img4-13.JPG

By Mr. Kasyuku Hara By Mr.Yokusyuu

    Img4-04.JPG        Img4-05.JPG

By Mrs. Kazuko Kuki

     Img4-06.JPG  Img4-07.JPG

         By Mr.Kasyuku Hara     By Mrs.Sekijyu Hara


Img4-08.JPG  Img-4-09.JPG Img4-12.JPG

By Mr. Kasyuku Hara By Mr.Hiunn By Shisui Saitoh

    Img4-14.JPG  Img4-15.JPG

By Mr. Shisui Saitoh By Mr.Shisui Saitoh

 Img5-16.JPG  Img5-17.JPG

By Ms.Fujiko Masuda By Ms.Fujiko Masuda


                   By Takaji Kuroda, Letter


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