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Actual Result

They are shown in below, some systems which users reported this software worked on.

ModelMac OS X
Power MacG510.4-10.4.2/10.3.2-10.3.8
G4 FW 80010.4/10.3.2/10.2.6-10.2.8
G4 Mirrored Drive Doors10.4-10.4.3/10.3-10.3.9/10.2.3-10.2.8
G4 QuickSilver10.3-10.3.9/10.2.8
G4 Digital Audio10.3.5
G4 AGP Graphics10.3.5
G4 Cube10.3
PowerBookG4 17"10.4.2/10.3.3-10.3.7
G4 15" FW80010.4/10.3.3-10.3.5
G4 Titanium10.3.6
G3 Bronze keyboard10.3.3
Opaque16 VRAM10.2.8
Dual USB10.3-10.3.7/10.2.8
Flat Panel10.3.1-10.3.6/10.2.6-10.2.8
Mac mini10.4.1-10.4.2/10.3.7-10.3.9Mute only
Power Macintosh G3 Blue & White10.3.7
Power Macintosh 9500 + G3 card10.3.6
Power Macintosh 8500 + G4 card10.2.8
Power Macintosh 7300 + G4 card10.3.5
PowerBook 2400c + G3 card10.3/10.2.6

If you are using this software on a system other than above, please report it.

Compatibility with Mac OS X Tiger

The compatibility checked by the author or users is shown below.

ModelStartupSound.prefPaneSide Effect
Power MacG5workednone
G4 FW 800workednone
G4 Mirrored Drive Doorsworkednone
G4 Cubeworkednone
PowerBookG4 17"workednone
G4 15" FW800workednone
G4 12"workednone
Mac minionly mute workednone

If you install this software on Mac OS X Tiger, please report the result.

Q & A

There is no item.


No. Description How to Avoid Subject
007 On Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, if you lock the settings right after you make changes in the "Startup Sound" pane, your settings won't be remembered. Just close the "Startup Sound" pane after editing your settings, without clicking the lock icon. 1.1b1 1.1b2
006 Adjusting PowerPC-based Mac's sound volume may prevent this software from functioning properly. Update to v1.1b2. 1.1b1 1.1b2
005 The "Startup Sound" pane will display the improper message "An error occured during PRAM access...," if the program run by the pane can not have root privileges because of corrupted permissions. Try v1.0.4b1 1.0.3 1.0.4
004 Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger might display the alert suggesting that the startup item "ArcanaStartupSound" does not have proper security settings. Try v1.0.4b1 1.0.3 1.0.4
003 When the "Mute" checkbox is selected, if you deselect the "Turn on startup volume control" checkbox and restart the computer, you will get no startup sound. Update to v1.0.2. 1.0.1 1.0.2
002 Although the volume of the startup sound determined by the operating system is smaller than the "Startup volume" in the "Startup Sound" pane, the "Startup volume" may be effective. Update to v1.0.1. 1.0.0 1.0.1
001 After installing this software, an administrator cannot change the contents of the following folders.
  • / (root level of startup volume)
  • /Library
  • /Library/PreferencePanes
  • /Library/StartupItems
Update to v1.0.0. 1.0.b1 1.0.0

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