Welcome to NIshikigaoka kennel,
special for Akita-dog.

Nishikigaoka kennel breed and sell Akita-dogs have the blood of Akiho,
Akita Preservation Association.

On breeding,  I try to make the ideal Akita-dog as Japanese natural treasure
which has good shape(frame composition) and good temperament.

I would like to tell the charm of Akita; faithful and brave to the dog lovers
in the world as many as possible.

Please reach me anytime,  when you'd like to know and obtain my Akitas.

The prices are as follows: A pet type dog is 1,500 dollars
A show type dog isfrom 3,000 dollars

About transportation cost and other expenses,  ask directly to Miss. Harano,
TOMY International please.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

K. H

Nishikigaoka kennel

Waiting for your mail
TOMY International
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